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Ecobillz Enabling Hospitality Brands To Adopt New Age Automation By Going Completely Paperless

From zero sales team to the top 3 hotel chains in India, Ecobillz come a long way!

September 7: ‘Ecobillz’ established in 2016 by Ameet Patil and Nitesh Singh Rathore, is an innovative SaaS based real-time digitization platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to digitize, collect, aggregate data and build complex back-office automation systems. The product connects with the existing systems and software, accessing the data and streamlining them onto the Ecobillz platform to ease the document management process in large organizations. The platform aims to build the technology that can read, accumulate documents and store data in real-time, thus leading to an efficient digitised document management system. As the platform focuses on industry wise intervention to replace paper-based transactions with customers, the artificial intelligence embedded in Ecobillz help to crunch the data, thus generating valuable insights for the respective businesses. Ecobillz, while currently focussed on the hospitality business, also aims to foray into multiple domains such as hospitals and automotive sector.

Morning jog session lead us to discuss multiple start-up ideas and brings Ecobillz in the picture. Said Mr Ameet and shared, “In our combined 25+ years of experience, we observed two important things. 1. We saw that automation was going to be a key driver of growth for large businesses. 2. Businesses, despite using the latest technology in IT, were still using paper for a lot of their day-to-day activities. This got us think. If we can use tech such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to digitize everything that is on paper and be able to provide full automation with the processes, then this would be a great value add to customers. We studied in-depth different market segments to identify our beach head market. We found this market at first in Retail and eventually moved to Hospitality”.

Co-Founder of Ecobillz, Nitesh Singh

Initially, like many other start-ups, Ecobillz also faces some tough times in its initial phase but then the table turned when one large hotel chain that was the trendsetter in the Indian hospitality industry took a leap of faith in them and went LIVE with Ecobillz. This gave Ecobillz tremendous exposure and visibility to other competing hotel chains. And rest is history, from zero sales team to the top 3 hotel chains in India, Ecobillz come a long way. More than 150+ premium 5-star hotels across the country used Ecobillz Platform and its product.

“During COVID, in April 2020, we were caught unaware. The entire hospitality industry was reeling under pressure. We had to rethink and do something innovative to survive this wave. Within a month’s time, we launched a new module called Contactless operations. This gave a huge boost as it allowed guest to check-in and check-out from a hotel from their phone. During COVID, this was a great thing to have. So many hotels got onto our platform and scaled very fast. Today Ecobillz is a known name in the premium hospitality industry in India. And In the next 5 to 7 years, we want Ecobillz to scale globally and be known for its world-class digitization and automation platform”. Added Dr Ameet Patil.