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Educational Institutions Partners with CollPoll to become Smart Campuses

CollPoll to onboard 20 more institutions with over 25,000 users in the next 6 months

New Delhi, May 18: CollPoll, a Mobile-first Digital Campus Platform, is rapidly expanding in the Delhi NCR region. Over 10 progressive educational institutions such as Sri Venkateswara College – Delhi University, BML Munjal University, GD Goenka University, OP Jindal Global University, Bennett University, Ashoka University, etc. have partnered with CollPoll to provide a seamless, state-of-the-art learning and smart campus experience to their students. These institutions collectively provide an enhanced student engagement and experience, a blended learning environment and a smooth digital experience to more than 30,000 students. Institutions in the Delhi NCR region are one of the fastest to undergo digital transformation in the country and CollPoll is planning to onboard 20 more such institutions which will impact over 25,000 students in the next 6 months.

With the onset of the pandemic, universities in the Delhi NCR region faced challenges such as conducting online classes and exams, managing records, accessing key reports and sharing analytics in addition to facilitating collaboration and engagement between students, faculties and the college. With the help of CollPoll, educational institutions now provide a contactless digital campus experience with seamless integration of admission, academics, exams, payments, etc to their students. This has further led to enhanced student engagement and experience in addition to better collaboration and communication. The platform has assisted in the automation of 29,869 admissions and 1,56,885 job applications. Additionally, it has enabled over 1,50,000 online classes, collected more than 6 million feedback, issued 3,12,22,475 meal coupons and managed 75,169 posts on the campus feed. CollPoll’s offerings include digital education stack, digital payments, business workflow automation, streamlined faculty feedback, contactless digital campus services, online classes and exams, In-app and push notification on regular updates, online/assessments, analytics and reports and more.

The Indian education system has recently realised the significance of technology adoption, in the face of the pandemic. With the forced closure of educational institutions during lockdowns, technology-enabled solutions have enabled academic continuity, seamless two-way communication, automation of everyday activities and enhanced security in addition to basic access to information. While these solutions have assisted learning, the key benefits of adopting technology in the education sector include efficient and resource-friendly tools for effective learning, skill development for teachers to stay abreast with the latest developments in their field, agile and connected learning and smarter classroom education.

Today’s Gen-Z students and the upcoming Gen-Alpha kids are digital natives and far more technically savvy than any previous generation and expect a similar experience in a campus environment. The education industry is being driven to transform to keep up with student expectations by introducing several value-added student-facing activities and CollPoll is betting big on this change.

CollPoll was founded by Hemant Sahal to let stakeholders in educational institutions collaborate effectively. Since 2018, its focus has expanded to end-to-end automation of institutions far beyond the traditional ERPs. The company offers ERP for Administration, Learning Management System with Video Conferencing integration, AI-proctored Examinations, No-code Business Process Automation Engine for contactless & paperless campus, and Campus Social Network for digital engagement. CollPoll has partnered with over 65+ educational institutions with over 100,000 users, currently serving more than 90,000 students.

Supporting Quotes

Hemant Sahal, Founder and CEO, CollPoll

“Progressive Higher-education institutions in the Delhi NCR region are keen to adopt new technologies and are focused on providing a digital and smart campus experience to their students. We have partnered with many premium institutions that are leaders in the education fraternity in and around Delhi and are bullish about the digital transformation of educational institutions in the region. We aim to impact 25K+ students across Delhi by empowering their campuses by being their long-term technology partner.”

Abhay Sharma, Registrar, BML Munjal University

“Digital Transformation is the need of the hour and is essential for transforming the student experience. Hence, we are extremely glad to partner with CollPoll to automate campus workflows, boost collaboration and engagement and empower students, teachers and other stakeholders.”