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Emotorad Awarded as India’s Most Admirable Brand by the Brand Story

One of the leading EV start-ups, EMotoradwas recognized as India’s Most Admirable Brand for manufacturing and promoting premium e-vehicles in India by the Brand Story.

September 7: Electric vehicles are the future of mobility and transportation in India. As the rise of Electric vehicles has already started, the market strives to reach its potential in this sector. EMotorad is a startup that works to develop smart and world-class mobility solutions for the public. It was founded by Rajib Gangopadhyay, someone who has been greatly involved with electric cycles and their transhipment to multiple countries worldwide. As a manufacturing enthusiast, Rajib has a comprehensive knowledge of mobility and electric vehicles. He firmly believes that the setup of EMotorad in India will help reduce the pricing of premium bikes and bring about innovation and job creation in several parts of the country as the company plans to expand in the upcoming years.

Ever since the company’s foundation, EMotorad has developed high-quality electric cycles at an affordable price while making the most out of its premium manufacturing capabilities. EMotorad has been promoting luxury e-cycles to play an important role in sensitizing the customers and engaging them by delivering premium products based on the customers’ requirements. Some of the popular products that EMotorad has launched are EMX, Doodle, and T-Rex.

The company is co-founded by Mr. Kunal Gupta (CEO), Mr. Aditya Oza (CMO), and Sumedh Battewar (CBO). The three co-founders are visionaries, and together they are the force responsible for making critical decisions for its growth. With their broad experience, dedication, and hard work, they have been able to do great things for EMotorad. They play an essential role in spreading awareness on electric bikes, engaging the customers, and delivering premium products. EMotorad has brought top-quality electric cycles at an affordable price utilizing the local sourcing and manufacturing capabilities. The company firmly believes that the local setup can help reduce the pricing and bring about great innovation and job creation in many parts of the world.

The sale of EMotorad products is an extremely important aspect for the company but even more important is to inspire and motivate the customers to choose a sustainable mode of transport such as electric vehicles. The company has also introduced bike accessories in our product line whilst leveraging our USP of high-quality manufacturing. In the future, EMotorad will be collaborating with dealers all over India to have strong popularity in the country and, more importantly, because the company wants Indians to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by driving e-vehicles. The ambition of the company is to make the best e-vehicles easily accessible to customers.

EMotorad is a leading EV start-up in India that has been coming up with premium, affordable e-bikes for the masses. It is led by young visionaries who promote the cause of sustainability diligently. The company also employs inspired and dynamic EV enthusiasts who work tirelessly to make the production and promotion of e-vehicles easy. It is a company that strives to make futuristic e-bikes available at an affordable price for adventure seekers, casual riders, and daily commuters. Ever since their first dual suspension bike launch, EMX, EMotorad has been courageously and compassionately riding the e-bike market to new heights. The products made by the company are one of a kind, and they promise the best riding experience to all customers. In the future, the brand will be launching many more products for a diverse audience.

The Brand Story acknowledges the noteworthy efforts made by EMotorad in creating a commendable mark in the domain of e-vehicles. Dr. Abhay Kaushik, Editor-in-Chief and Director, The Brand Story, said, “As one of the leading EV startups, EMotorad will soon be at the top in the EV sector. It is a company led by young enthusiasts who are more motivated than ever to promote and sell e-vehicles. Electric vehicles and sustainable lifestyles are the future, and EMotorad is not leaving any stone unturned to provide premium products at the best prices to customers. The Brand Story is proud to award EMotorad as India’s Most Admirable Brand.”