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Evenflow’s acquisition of Rusabl helps it grow 3x within a quarter

Mumbai, April 4: Ecommerce aggregator Evenflow announced that Rusabl, a sustainable brand in personal care and home & kitchen that it acquired last year, has witnessed a  three-fold jump in its sales in the first quarter post its acquisition.

Founded by Utsav Agarwal and Pulkit Chhabra in early 2021, Evenflow is an aggregator of third-party sellers on marketplaces that acquires homegrown brands across categories and helps those scale up to become stronger brands within a few years.

Rusabl was Evenflow’s second acquisition. The vision for the brand is to make it India’s most affordable sustainable brand cutting across the consumer lifecycle in home & kitchen, travel and essentials. The kitchen alone is an INR 10,000 crore market only in eCommerce, and Rusabl is looking to ride that wave aggressively.

The brand has not only grown three-fold in a quarter, but it targets to be a Rs 50 crore brand over the next 36 months. Rusabl is majorly present on Amazon, and recently it got launched on Flipkart and CRED.

‘We’ve learnt extensively with Rusabl, from optimum performance marketing strategies, new launch planning, portfolio expansion and platform expansion as well, within three months. The way the brand is scaling gives us the confidence to have extremely ambitious growth targets for it across platforms. We’ve managed to scale the brand keeping it profitable at 12% EBITDA, which in itself feels like a feat. We are targeting an 8x growth by March 2023 and are certain to achieve it.’ says Utsav Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of Evenflow.

Rusabl started with the product portfolio of bamboo toothbrushes, steel straws, produce bags, and cutlery sets, among other verticals. Since December, it has been bullish on building homes & kitchens as a category. It launched bamboo chopping boards in December, which have become one of the top sellers in kitchen tools. Rusabl also launched bamboo kitchen towels that already see steady growth and excellent traction. Both the launches are in the top 50 in their respective categories on Amazon.

In March, an entire bamboo towels range also got launched under the brand, where it seeks to build its home furnishing portfolio. The brand is scaling fast and seeks to build a portfolio to give consumers great options of sustainable products at an affordable price point.