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F.A. Construction – State of the art Infrastructure Company

Mumbai, August 16: F.A. Construction, an ardent and determined flagship firm of the conglomerate F.A. Group, was established in the year 1986 as a partnership extension and is engaged in the design, drawings, execution, and commissioning multitude of projects comprising – Modern-day Irrigation, Dams, Canals, contemporary Bridges, Tunnels, Hydro, Thermal, and state-of-the-art Building, Infrastructure utility pipelines for the last 3 consecutive decades.

F.A. Construction is registered as ‘Class 1 A’ Contractor with the Public Works Department and executes every project with utmost efficiency and agility.

The firm employs a fleet of ultra-modern and high-performance machinery and equipment.

The firm has acquired a team of experienced veteran Engineers, Professionals, Supervisory staff, and field workers, selected panels of consultants, technical advisors, and architects altogether available for quick deployments as and when required.

F.A Construction is spearheaded by a strong family across 4 generations. Mr. F.A Mohammed Khatri who is the founder of the group. His wife and 3 sons namely Mrs. Jaitoon Fateh Mohammed, Mr. Nisar Fateh Mohammed, Mr. Abid Fateh Mohammed and Mr. Zahir Fateh Mohammed are an integral part of the company and contribute to its growth and business development.