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Finda – the start-up B2B climbing new heights!

November 07: is India’s largest and fastest growing online B2B business directory that brings the best services to trade your products or services on one of the world’s biggest available platforms!

To start a business is easy in today’s world. But to sustain it by making it successful and profitable is not always possible by everyone, especially  for small business  owners. This is where Finda comes in. Finda helps these businesses ( products and services) to reach their targeted customers faster and in a shorter time span.
Pioneered in 2013, Beljith K Chakkarath, the founder and CEO,   was aiming to help small business owners. Seeing the need for these B2B platforms, he took the opportunity to learn and has helped connect multiple business networking platforms. Today, Finda has successfully grown its community to 2 million.

Beljith Chakkarath is currently expanding his business to outside of India. He has been collaborating with Home and Office Retail Group Ltd, a London based company, since the beginning of 2022. The new business networking is expected to help Finda achieve a target of over $650 million in turnover by 2024.

If you are looking to make your business seen and heard by your potential customers or if you are looking for a break or may be even to boost your business, connect with today!