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Fitness Is Not An Industry! Says Adarsh Somani

Innumerable people hire dieticians and go to gyms to remain fit. This has created an image that fitness is an industry. The truth, however, is a bit more complex, for it’s a lifestyle. Taking care of your body and keeping it healthy is an essential part of our lives.

For a longer and healthier life, fitness is vital; even the experts agree! It diminishes the risk of heart problems, uplifts your mood, enhances the immune system, and has several other benefits. Unfortunately, a lot of these factors are overshadowed by the need to have a perfect body shape or figure. Fitness is reduced to the concept of looking good or being thin.

The most common perspective that people have regarding fitness is weight loss or pumping the muscles, which blatantly results in ignoring the importance of fitness. The reason behind this prevalence is the lack of awareness among the masses. Nutrition is synonymous with filling the stomach with food and not questioning what vitamins or elements are present in it.

In India, the consciousness of nutrition is negligible. A promoter at Bigflex Life Science affirms, “Unfortunately, we understand the illness better than wellness.” The relationship people have with nutrition is limited to their fear.

They turn to nutrition only at the last moment and drop it when the fear is gone. This speaks volumes about how little people know about nutritional supplements.

The health of the people of our nation is deteriorating. Malnutrition, deficiency syndromes, consumption of junk food, and other unhealthy things, are at an all-time high. Proper nutrition is a consistent need for everyone to grow well, reduce health risks, and maintain the body’s overall well-being.

This pandemic was a wake-up call for all of us. It presented us with a huge opportunity to understand the body and the value of nutrition. The importance of understanding the physiological dosage also has to be stressed upon. What time of the day is apt for taking nutrition, whether to take it on an empty stomach or full stomach, and many more important factors must be considered to truly stay fit.

The severity of lack of vigilance about nutrition is swept under the rug with excuses that it is expensive or time-consuming and limited knowledge. What people fail to acknowledge is that there is a need for nutritional supplements because the diet of individuals lacks them.

A nutrition-rich diet will give more fuel to the body to perform their daily task and course. Energy levels have to be maintained to have enough power to go through the day. As we grow old degenerative changes are happening in the body. With proper nutrition, you can delay them and save yourself from many diseases like bad cholesterol.

Vitamins like vitamin B12, vitamin E, zinc, vitamin C, selenium, and many more are not present in the required amount in our diet. These are vital to keep our immune system healthy and to maintain our well-being.

We need to understand that nutritional supplements are not medicines and we need to consume them because we lack certain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants due to our diet and lifestyle. We at Pharma Grade have introduced an immunity pack consisting of vitamin C, zinc, Ashwagandha, and multivitamin at an economical rate of just ₹ 699. This series is currently a piping hot seller amongst the masses.

All these supplements will fulfil the necessary requirements of our body. They are selected especially for this purpose. This immunity pack is affordable and contains Ashwagandha which has many proven health benefits. Investing in health will never backfire. A nutritional lifestyle means a healthy and long life.

A balanced diet having proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in appropriate quantities is the requirement for all. Education and awareness of nutritional products will continue to grow, thanks to the massive reach of social media. The industry is bound to grow not in percentages but multiples. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Social platforms and various other mediums have to be employed to spread the need for nutritional supplements. The poor awareness in this crucial life aspect has to be focused on. The more people are conscious about their health the more they will understand the use of these supplements.

The fact that fitness is not an industry but a lifestyle has to be understood by the people. All of us have to make changes in our everyday life to enhance our health and fitness. Not only indulging in nutritional supplements but on personal levels, we all have to take care of ourselves better.

It is not a gamble but a lucrative investment when it comes to nutrition. Get smarter with your nutrition and welcome a healthy lifestyle!