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Flourishing as a social media star is a multi-faceted girl from Delhi, Kritika Malik

Mesmerizing the whole world through her skills and expertise, Kritika Malik excels as an actor, social media influencer, and fitness expert.

Social Media is the best platform especially for the youth to showcase their talent. Many social media apps have changed the lives of numerous youngsters. Enhancing one’s talent on different apps like – YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and many more have entertained the audience to their fullest. Though it’s the hugest platform full of opportunities to survive in this big ocean is not a walk in the park. It preferably demands many unique skills and creativity in his/her work and most importantly profound knowledge of the industry to keep upscaling every now and then and also maintaining the performance consistency. Sailing all through these challenges can reap desired results and can help gain the necessary recognition and popularity for many influencers.

Though many youngsters have been successful in creating a benchmark in their field. Have a glimpse of one such incredibly successful young girl mesmerizing the audiences with her tremendous talent, creativity, skills, and her killer looks, which is an inspiration for many other young girls too– Kritika Malik, an Actor, TikTok star, Model, fitness freak, and social media influencer and what not! She is one of the rising superstars on social media and a famous personality of Instagram, which is the most happening app in the current era of social media. Her videos are viral on YouTube and TikTok which is entertaining umpteen audiences. Being at her creative best she has been appreciated for her work and millions of audiences have showered their love. She has hustled hard to gain momentum in this wide industry and is a diligent professional showcasing her talent through her efficient performances.

This multi-talented mind had a clear vision from childhood to keep chasing her dreams and convert them into reality. She is also a big fitness freak and is an ardent health and fitness enthusiast, she has a YouTube channel named – ‘Family Fitness’ which has garnered more than 2 million followers. She regularly posts her videos on her channel of fitness goals which is an inspiration to many and gains proper knowledge to implement through her videos. She also posts videos with her husband on TikTok and Instagram which is loved by many millions and they together enjoy a loyal fan base of followers for this! The couple also equally loves and enjoys making videos together.

This Delhi-based young talent of social media has also been a part of songs like – ‘Maachis’ and ‘Yamraj’. Her performances were much appreciated and loved by all. She was very excited and happy for being a part of these songs. She also dreams of working in Bollywood. She has gained much respect and recognition for her work, which she has achieved with sheer determination, hard work, consistency, and creativity. Making innovative videos has been her USP which has further propelled her to attain more followers.

Many more success tags are on the way of this amazing personality