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Geekster provides pay after placement service to aspirants

Ankit Maggu and Sahil Miglani, the co-founders of Geekster, an ed-tech startup, aim to deliver quality tech education to every deserving candidate. Geekster helps the aspirants secure placement and provides the right kind of talent to the companies that serve the purpose.

Ankit keeps an eye on changing trends and expectations of the aspirants. He directs the organisation, sets future targets, and manages day-to-day affairs. In a conversation with Rahul Mehra, Ankit talks about

Q – The brand enables skill refinement and offers a skilled workforce for corporates. How does the model work from both ends?

Ankit Maggu: As an Ed-Tech firm, Geekster has developed to provide formal technical education to applicants interested in pursuing a career in technology. At Geekster, we allow easy access to in-demand skill training taught by industry professionals. We are consistently working to bridge the massive skill gap that arises because of the lack of resources, regional constraints, and, most crucially, the disparity between college education and industrial requirements. We, thus, provide free skill-based training on the newest technology, given by top industry specialists hailing from esteemed brands like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Geekster does not charge a fee until the students learn and acquire employment, making it hassle-free for aspirants.

At the same time, acquiring quality talent is a challenge for employers as well. We want to update this whole ecosystem and authorise our employer partners to spend less time interviewing and invest more time building teams by getting access to pre-vetted engineers who can deliver from day one. We have witnessed a good response as our model is more relevant now than ever and are glad to be associated with marquee investors who have joined hands to fulfil our vision at Geekster.

Q – What is the USP of Geekster?

AM – Geekster is training and enabling hundreds of students with the tech skills, mainly on Full Stack Web Development. The online model is designed to allow aspirants with the skill courses with good potential market demand. Additionally, we offer a pay-after-placement service that enables aspirants to learn without burden. And this is our USP.

Q – How has the brand provided new opportunities for aspirants?

AM – The aspirants trained through our platform are performing well for employers. As a result, our skilled talent is in high demand from companies. In addition, many of our current partners have expressed their hiring needs in large numbers. So, we hope to up-skill over 1,000 pupils in the next two quarters.

Geekster offers tech courses, including full-stack Web Development and Advanced Web Development courses, which are in demand in the industry, but there is a talent shortage. Therefore, corporates collaborate with us for a skilled workforce. It works for the benefit of all. And the trained talent justifies beautiful hikes too. The company has achieved a placement record of 95%, with students landing jobs with reputed companies.

Interestingly, even experienced professionals have upskilled themselves, getting offers with an average of 175% from earlier salaries.

Q – How Geekster has witnessed its growth?

AM – We at Geekster are not only confident in solving the specific problems faced by tech professionals and employers at scale with an innovative approach, but we make it happen. Yes, we have a well-equipped digital marketing strategy, but the success is due to our USPs- the pay-after-placement model and the success stories of our students who have reached their dream careers through Geekster.

On the one hand, we offer a flexible yet practical curriculum catering to individual learning needs. At the same time, we advance the development of a tight-knit community of students, instructors, and employers.

We have witnessed an increment in growth by 10x times in the last nine months. The company has onboarded 200+ brands ranging from tech giants to global MNCs to top-funded startups hiring the trained talent prepared by the company.

Q – What qualities do you seek while assembling a team for Geekster?

AM – We at Geekster firmly understood that it is mostly about sustenance in the market. We have built a stronger team of skilled professionals to achieve the same. We constantly seek talented individuals who enjoy exploring their careers with a rising Ed-Tech. Professionals who desire an opportunity to learn, grow and exhibit the required zeal are welcomed to join us as we go full-throttle.

At Geekster, we eagerly plan to hire promising candidates with relevant qualifications irrespective of their geographical location. Additionally, the brand also plans to put an extensive tech team in place with an accumulation of at least 15 developers.