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Gaurav Singhvi Is the Undisputed King of the Budding Startups in India

From supporting budding startups in their journey to successful business ventures to investing in promising new businesses, he has gained popularity as the undisputed king in the financial market. Meet Gaurav Singhvi, founder of Financial Supermarket, an India-focused international advisory group, who is playing an instrumental role100 and has established himself as the strong supporting pillar.

Singhvi, a serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor, is the executive director at the BNI-Surat, national director of corporate connections India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, and president-elect of TIE-Surat—a platform for the entrepreneurs and by the entrepreneurs.

Hailing from a small town, Gaurav has never stopped striving to go deeper into the financial space. He is the most enthusiastic, pro-active leaner, motivator, and leader. He is a polymath who is always determined to scrounge through every piece of learning he can gain.

Investors in the Tier II and Tier-III cities, according to Gaurav Singhvi, are unaware of alternative investment classes and ignorant to the know-hows of the vast investment universe that exists around them.

Gaurav is determined to impart and disseminate the pros of portfolio diversification. He plays an instrumental role in building a very active startup ecosystem and has established himself as a solid supporting pillar in the same.

Singhvi is the co-founder of ‘We Founder Circle’, India’s second-largest angel network—a digital-first global community based on the investment platform. He is also the stakeholder at Venture Catalyst, India’s first incubator for startups.

Gaurav launched Provyz, a co-working space in Surat, to support the budding entrepreneurs.

Singhvi has made investments in more than 84 startups and had a successful exit from over 17 startups. Gaurav is more than an investor as he adds maximum value to the startups he invests in and has successfully mentored more than ten startups during the journey.

In 2021, Gaurav was awarded the “Investor of the Year 2021′ by the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) for his impeccable contribution to the Startup ecosystem.

If one has to look at his investments in the startups, Singhvi started by investing in four startups in 2016, followed by 14 startups in 2017, 17 startups in 2018, 16 startups in 2019, 13 startups in 2020, 15 startups in 2021, and five startups in 2022 till February.

His recent investments include Hesa, Dukaan, Oben, Zypp, PharmEasy, Xook, Healthysure, EsportsXO, Zoivane, Vidyakul, Ypay, Reshamandi, to name a few.

Some of his high-profit exits include Bharat, Coutloot, Flickstree, Cleardekho, Confittkt,, Liquiloans, and  Homecapital, while he acquired the startups including Supr, Fynd, Beardo, Wov8.