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Gayatri Veer Shares Her Peak Of Self-Motivation amidst Covid-19 with Tedxgoldenbridge

September 9: Gayatri Veer, a 15-year old teenager, addresses how Covid-19 has completely transformed her into a much better person than before. Using the TED conference format through TEDxGoldenBridge, the self-controlled, self-confident, and self-independent teenager shares how she broke through the barriers of positive Covid-19 patients by outshining and motivating them to overcome the pandemic through overcoming their limitations.

Corona undoubtedly had an enormous impact on our lives. While the pandemic has changed lives for some people for good. There is no doubt in the fact that it has been bad than good for others. From leaving people, grieving about people they have lost, to wishing things could go back to normal. Gayatri Veer talks about her genius and exhausting encounters of the past two years amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out the video here:

The most challenging fact is that Gayatri took some time to realize that she was growing up. When things were normal, unlike right now, accepting the change and growth was easy. But with limited avenues of personal growth at home, accepting that you are growing physically and ensuring that you are growing mentally is a great realization. By the time she realized new senses of responsibility and new coping methods, she had already grown up a year.

The cancellation of grade 10 boards, the limited comparisons, and the least competition left children like Gayatri at a standstill. Thus, the mental dilemma took over children like her. However, amidst all this chaos, the young teenager became prey to the Covid-19 pandemic. She was quarantined in a room for 15 days physically, but mentally she was on her way to a new path of self-discovery. She was exhausted physically, but the pandemic gave her a new outlook on life, a unique and stronger bond with her family, even though she got to have a minimal conversation with them.

How Gayatri normalized her pain and exhaustion by loving herself and by turning her solitude into comfort is awe-inspiring. How she embraced her battle scars and openly spoke about them to inspire others is an achievement in itself. Through the TEDxGoldenBridge platform, she let it out in an overwhelmingly outrageous way. The new her was more mindful, insightful, and self-motivated, because pandemic made her relish the simplicity of things that she would never have done otherwise.

Although the pandemic has normalized losing people for Gayatri’s age children, they will eventually learn the importance of healing and recovery. Time will teach them. As she believes time can heal everything.

With her in-depth TEDxGoldenBridge conference, she wants children out there to be motivated to grip themselves. She aims to console teenagers her age that they will make it through online classes. She wants to be a living example, a pillar of support to guide them and embrace the goodness of small things in life, such as her brother screaming at the top of his lungs and stepping over the big rocks and constellations. To come out as more dominant, self-controlled, and present-oriented rather than future-oriented. And focus on things happening around you as well as right now.

The Studio License: An initiative by TEDxGoldenBridge is organized by Harsh Thakkar and co-organized by Nirav Joshi. Tamakshi Mistry is the lead and handles this phenomenal TEDx initiative. Mann Thaker being the event producer and Deep Thaker managing partnerships and media. Mahek Shahani is the curator of the motivational and successful talk. The cinematography for the commendable initiative is done by none other than Jaydeepsinh Atodariya. Ruchit Mehta handles the post-production of the event.

TEDxGoldenBridge is a simple yet motivational event that empowers its viewers with some great speakers and their battle stories which often takes the best of them. The main objective of the TEDx platform is to reach as many people as possible. To make them realize that it is okay to have issues. To inspire them to accept those issues, attain clarity in life, and get out of the pain before it consumes them. The platform aims to muster courage in people by inspiring them to use their pain for their good. To let go of pain when the lesson has been learned.