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Go environment friendly with Surat’s Bhanderi Lab Grown Sustainable Diamonds which have set a benchmark in the CVD Diamond industry

July 29: As the saying goes, diamonds are forever, but today, everyone can own one. With a team of in-house designers, Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds, Gujarat’s well-known lab-grown diamond company since 2013, are creating new standards in sustainable lab grown diamond production.

Known as the hub of diamond polishing, Surat’s lab-grown diamond market has more than 2500 units manufacturing Rs 5,000 crore worth of diamonds per annum. Modern consumers today have become environment conscious and are responsibly opting for lab grown diamonds over natural ones. This is because Lab-Grown Diamonds are better for the environment. One of the emerging names in the CVD diamond industry is that of Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds.

Research shows that diamond mining can cause significant damage to the environment. There is an ever-growing concern over the humanitarian and environmental repercussions of natural diamond mining processes. Whereas Lab created diamonds are grown through a sustainable process using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) in laboratories with little to no environmental impact. Lab grown diamonds exhibit similar physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. The CVD diamond method is a growing trend that uses man-made diamonds, and Bhanderi CVD diamonds is delighted to be an industry leader in this area. Based in Surat, Gujarat, Bhanderi is one of the pioneers of lab-grown diamonds in India. Their lab grown diamonds offer excellent value and are more cost-effective than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality.

Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds was established in 2013 by Ghanshyam Bhanderi & Prakash Bhanderi with an aim to take CVD diamonds to every household, national and worldwide and to lead the global market with its premium quality and excellent lab-grown diamonds. Bhanderi Lab grown diamonds have expanded their operations globally and have offices in New York, Hong Kong, Europe and Dubai. Their company, with innovative advances in technology and research, focuses on creating perfect diamonds with great fervour and passion. Today, they are one of the only few best CVD Diamond creators in the world providing reliable service at affordable man-made diamonds rates. When you choose Bhanderi CVD diamonds, you choose excellence.

Dr Snehal Dungrani, CEO of Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds shared, ‘Through the lab-grown diamond industry, we are marching on the road of Atma Nirbhar Bharat. The attraction towards the lab-grown diamond business in India is mainly due to the rising demands for eco-friendly diamonds in international markets. This leads to a lot of business pouring into Surat Diamond Market which is ultimately going to boost the domestic lab-grown diamond manufacturing industry.’

For every one of their lab-created diamonds, they offer polishing, scanning, processing, and cutting services. Modern and conventional lab grown diamond polishing techniques are used by their team of expert rough and polished lab grown diamond craftsmen and technologically sophisticated lab manufactured diamond machines to produce an exquisite work of art. Their cutting-edge premium lab equipment uses the latest technological CVD diamond process advancements to ensure a high-quality CVD diamonds product time and time again. Such CVD diamond process reliability enhances your supply chain so you can provide a stream of quality man-made diamonds raw materials to your clientele.

With a promise to produce diamonds with perfection, safe for environment & that shine forever, Bhanderi lab grown diamonds are winning the hearts of people. Discover their extensive collection of beautiful and high quality lab grown diamonds.