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Good Good PIGGY By Purva Aggarwal

Purva Aggarwal is the first solopreneur in India and the third in the world to enter the ‘online banking of children and wallet’ space. Purva was a Financial Analyst at a private equity investment firm in London and leading institutional investors. She also got featured in Shark Tank with her innovative idea of Good Good Piggy. Purva wants to build a value-based ecosystem.

How would you describe your journey as an entrepreneur in one line?

“Entrepreneurship provides the path to making real change in the world that will pass the test of time.”

 What are the odds you’ve faced for the startup Good Good Piggy?

Any entrepreneur’s journey is full of risk. It’s not easy to make such a significant shift on an idea and a desire to make a difference. Leaving a promising career in London to start Good Good Piggy and have confidence in my opinion and ability was not an easy decision. These risks & sacrifices keep me fueled every day to continue committing on the path of entrepreneurship. I see these as stepping stones as they make sure I always have the skin in the game and relentlessly keep building Good Good Piggy. Today, Good Good Piggy is a startup where passion meets the purpose for all the stakeholders in our ecosystem.

 Kindly give us insights into the financial viewpoint of the company.

In the digital wallet sphere, Good Good Piggy has set up an excellent early-stage financial playfield focusing on value creation for new-age parents & kids. The current round targeted for testing the MVP is running oversubscribed. The company received interest from over 100+ individual HNI & UHNI investors to post their feature on Shark Tank India. Previously, the idea stage round by 1st cheque for Good Good Piggy was 200% oversubscribed with reputed angels backing the venture. The company is also actively exploring grants by the Government of India.

What is the one word of advice you would like to give to the emerging entrepreneur?

Imbibe ‘the mamba’ mentality and keep learning sincerely

Where do you see the company in the next five years, and what is the main aim of your company?

Our vision is to create a value-based ecosystem for children learning and practicing responsible habits while handling money in this digital era. We want to help parents raise future adults who care for themselves and thrive independently because we understand that independence and responsibility are key factors in anticipating success.