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How can tech startups expand their reach to potential customers?

Tech starts are often so engrossed in technology, products and services that they forget everything about outreach and marketing. They tend to ignore critical strategies and tactics that can pull in more traffic, more leads, and more customers, impacting their bottom-line and revenues.

But this can change if there is a will.

The Internet provides some powerful, easily doable strategies that can help tech startups grab more eyeballs and more views.

Let’s discuss some of the ways in which tech startups can expand and reach their potential customers without any significant investments.


A surefire way of getting attention for your product is by creating engaging videos and sharing them with your community.

Simply shoot clear and informative videos about your tech startup and the product, put it up on YouTube, and you’re good to go!

One thing you need to be sure of is that the videos speak for the product you’re selling – it should answer any and every question that a viewer or potential buyer might have, right from the technology used, the components installed to the desired result.

It’s crucial that you show customers the solution you’re providing them with; they should know what problems your product solves, and what better way of doing this than putting up informative videos?

Social Media

Digital advertising & marketing is one of the crucial steps of expanding a tech startup and attracting potential clients. Henry Ford once said, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch for saving time!”

In this day and age, where social media has the upper hand over almost every platform, it is of utmost importance that your startup has a digital presence. Your startup page should be available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and any platform you can think of to reach potential customers.

In the initial days of the startups, a lot of client building depended on mouth publicity and digital marketing through social media.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Startups tend to prioritise their activities for business development, as they can’t invest in everything simultaneously. Thus, SEO often gets disregarded as too long-term effort with no guarantees. But to really understand the value of SEO for your emerging business, you have to be aware of all the advantages it has to offer.

SEO can help you:

  • establish your startup’s authority
  • reach a wider audience
  • bring in traffic and build brand awareness
  • generate interest and buzz about your business

After all, startups live and die by their visibility, and SEO is precisely about that.

And if you are patient enough to build a concise and thorough SEO strategy, you can achieve all of these goals and become one of the lucky 25% of successful startups who didn’t see their post-mortem within ten years of their existence.