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How did Aapna Infotech decide to go virtual, in conversation with Mr. Abhijit Roy, CEO, Aapna Infotech

July 9: COVID-19 has widely and severely disrupted the workplace, with many companies deploying remote work as an alternative to the traditional office. How did Aapna Infotech decide to go virtual? How did this thought come about?

In 2020 the world was hit by COVID –19, and all companies were forced to shut offices at short notice. While most companies were eagerly looking forward to the lockdowns being removed, the AAPNA management was quick to realise the advantages of working from home and started deliberating on making this move permanent. This decision was further sanctified by a global announcement by industry leader, TCS, about their “going virtual” strategy.

We found many hidden advantages of being virtual, and also realized that as an industry, we were best suited to run a 100% virtual organization.

We realized, that for making a virtual company successful, one of the key tenets is to have a strong company culture. As this was a core strength for AAPNA, the decision became ABSOLUTE, in November 2020.

Needless to say, we put in a lot of tools, processes, policies, and checks and balances, to ensure efficient operations, and steadily introduced multiple initiatives to continue building our core organization culture.

Becoming a Virtual company, what are the pros and cons?

The decision to work virtually brought a significant advantage to the existing team members, and also opened up a nationwide talent pool for AAPNA to hire, which is probably the single biggest advantage that has come out of the “AAPNA GOES VIRTUAL” decision. Overnight, AAPNA went from being a Delhi-based company to a nationwide company making the AAPNA team a  true image of the GREAT INDIAN DEMOCRACY, and a truly inclusive workforce. AAPNAites can now move out of overpopulated cities, and build amazing lives in smaller towns. AAPNA is able to now employ young mothers, who were otherwise unable to commit to a dedicated working schedule. The AAPNA Bandaaz can have a far superior lifestyle, which is well balanced with more family time, and the simple pleasures of having lunch with the family, and help with odd jobs, is a perfect win-win.

Of course, the downside is limited physical engagement with the outside world. To counter this, AAPNA is planning various blended models, to allow for 1 day at work, or a “GET TOGETHER” day, where team members meet over lunch, and maybe a gaming session – so in the new normal – it is “FUN AT OFFICE”, while you “WORK FROM HOME”.

How do you think Aapna Infotech can make remote working a success?

Whereas, several companies complaint of loss of productivity, at AAPNA, we have seen an improvement. We have, of course, put in monitoring tools to ensure the same. However, the core focus is to continue building the “CULTURE OF OWNERSHIP” which drives each and every AAPNAite to put in 110%, with complete passion.

Last year we invested heavily in learning & development and new technology areas. While we have gained expertise in .NET technologies, our services also include Hyper Automation with RPA, BPM, Process Mapping along with various transformational digital technologies, targeted towards automation.

We have also introduced several engagement activities, starting with morning Yoga sessions, to multiple coffee room sessions through the day, lunch meets, game sessions, Fundoo Fridays, TownHalls, Chatroom sessions, cricket club, weekend games, and a lot more. We have even dedicated one of our team members to just work on engagement activities.

Tell us more about AAPNA Infotech

AAPNA Infotech began its journey in 2007 with a small team of reliable and highly qualified people with only a couple of clients to work for, under the leadership of Abhijit Roy, who dreams of building a “Great Company”.

We, the AAPNA Commandos, believe in Relationships, Technology, and Quality. AAPNA is all about people, first the team members, then the clients, and finally all our well-wishers who support us.

Today we are a team of 180+ commandos serving prestigious clients from various industries in India, Australia, and US. We are predominantly serving the US mortgage industry, but also have prestigious clients like The World Bank, United Nations India, Hexaware Technologies among many others.

We are now a CMMI level 3 company; Ui Path Partner, MS Gold Partner; DECISIONS Partner; ISO Certified 9001:2015; ISO Certified 27001 and have been recognized as the Top Software Development Company by various industry evaluations.

This year, our team is working with an aim to win the ‘Great Place to Work’ award.

What is Aapna Infotech doing to support their employee’s mental health during a pandemic, any experience you would like to share?

AAPNA has put in motion several initiatives to support this new way of life.

Several people engagement programs like Fundoo Friday, Chai pe Charcha, Detox Coffee with PL, Team meets, Coffee time, AAPNA Times, Yoga sessions. This is always to keep the team spirit high and the Channel of Communication open. We feel this is the best medium that works in changing times, to keep communicating and motivating the ever-growing team.

We have also started daily yoga sessions, and during the peak of the pandemic, we engaged a Doctor to come on call twice a week for resolving key questions and concerns. We have also upgraded the insurance plans for employees and ensured that Covid coverage is available.

The company ensured every AAPNAite and their dependents are insured at any cost.