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How GreyB, an Innovation Consulting Firm Is Helping Companies to Grow and Innovate Constantly

October 26: We are living in an era where the biggest struggle for large companies is not how to increase their revenue but how they do not get disrupted by a startup.

GreyB was founded in 2008 to fill this gap and enable companies to continuously innovate and stay ahead of the curve. In an ideal world, Makemytrip should have come up with the idea of a Zoom meeting tool rather than someone else. They were the ones who should have seen how people are going to do meetings in future.

Since 2008, GreyB has been providing a new way to build innovation strategies to companies worldwide.

“I co-founded GreyB when I figured out that large companies are struggling to innovate, and there is a need for a solution that can help them see the hidden innovations that are otherwise difficult to find.”

– Deepak Syal

Deepak has received numerous awards over the years, including the most coveted Edison award in 2019 in New York. Talking about his industry, he says, “In the last 20 years, I have seen hot technologies changing over time. In early 2000, cloud was hot; around 2005, mobile apps were hot; around 2010, eCommerce was hot; these days, AI is hot. Hot things keep changing every 5 years. What remains constant is the desire of companies to innovate. The economy is down, or it’s booming; innovation does not stop. So we are in an evergreen industry.”

But it wasn’t until 2012 that the founders of GreyB, Deepak Syal and Chakshu Kalra realised that to build a great company, not only should they work with the best, most intelligent clients but also have the best, most intelligent workforce.

Since then, GreyB has executed more than 2800 projects for 370+ clients, including Fortune 500 companies and many SMEs across 37 countries, and the number is increasing by the day. Today GreyB stands 250 people strong and has offices in multiple countries.

The firm is known for finding under-the-radar innovations around the world.

Their line of services includes robust patent searches like – Innovation mining, Technology research, Validity research, Licensing studies, Reverse Engineering etc.

Another unique expertise GreyB has acquired is finding and assessing high-quality patents for their clients. Their research in 5G standard-essential patents has a great reputation throughout the global telecom industry.

Using its extensive experience of dealing with patents and tech expertise GreyB builds software solutions that can make IP and R&D investigations smooth and efficient.


GreyB wants to create a world where it’s easy to find innovative solutions and reduce friction in the problem-solving process.

“And unlike most consulting partners, we make complex and technical information meaningful and actionable through interactive reports custom-designed to a business’s specific needs.”

– Chakshu Kalra


GreyB’s mission is to develop technology solutions that assist companies tackle industry challenges. The firm’s strength lies in the methodologies they’ve derived over the years that help dig out the hidden information which can fast forward innovation.

How is GreyB different from other patent and innovation search firms?

GreyB wasn’t created to be just another patent research firm. It was built with a goal to bring together people who want to grow faster than the industry. In the past 13 years, They have worked on 1000s of high stake projects. GreyB never learned to give up; its tag line, “if it exists, we’ll find it.” says everything.

Regardless of being an expensive player in the market, GreyB is preferred for the quality of work they provide. Their unconventional solutions to client’s problems and the extra effort put in to fulfil their purpose are unmatched.

Another thing about GreyB is their engagement spirit. Working with GreyB is akin to working with an in-house team that keeps you updated on every step of the project- roadblocks, progress, failures, and everything that comes along until the very end, sometimes even after.

The firm has built its own IP in the form of search strategies and algorithms that can drastically process the insights derived from the analysis. This has helped GreyB to grow by 30 per cent every year.

Inspired by the technologies of the future, GreyB has established its name in the innovation consulting domain.