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How is this Delhi-based PR Firm Making a Difference?

A Mass Communication student who started her career in the marketing and PR sector, Khyati Minglani has been making her presence felt in the PR Industry in Delhi/NCR today. Building a brand is a work-in-progress and cannot be achieved overnight. At TrailblazersPR, they are working from end to end to make every client a brand. Let’s know the thoughts of Khyati, founder of TrailblazersPR, about how the road has been for her so far.

How & when did Trailblazers happen?

I wanted to step into the real market and do something of my own. I started TrailblazersPR in 2015 when I was confident enough to fly solo. It took me a lot of time to find my ground in the industry because onboarding clients in such a cutthroat environment were not easy. From 1 client to 5 to 50, the journey’s been incredible.

What are the various services provided by your company?

At TrailbalzersPR, we follow a 360-degree approach, wherein we stay with our clients from the beginning of their journey to their very first milestones. From launching the brand to company profiling, PR promotions, influencer marketing, we help our clients in every possible way.

What makes Trailblazers PR different from other PR agencies?

TrailblazersPR has always believed in creating a comfortable working environment. We treat every employee as a family member and believe in helping each other grow. Most of my team members are females because I strongly believe in women’s empowerment and also because they make great team players.

What are/were the challenges faced by you?

Initially, like any startup, I had difficulties onboarding clients because they were apprehensive about trusting me with their brand. I worked very hard to gain the trust of my clients and give them the desired results. It took me a great deal of time to finally start getting clients at my face value. Currently, the challenges we are facing are because of the ongoing pandemic. The FnB and hospitality industries have suffered such huge losses that they are taking their own sweet time to recover. It has slowed down our business because restaurants do not want to put money in PR right now. But things are looking better post the second wave because people are more careful and are stepping out to eat and socialize.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see Trailblazers PR five years down the line?

I hope to cover Pan India in the coming five years and have clients in Tier-1 cities and Delhi/NCR. We are already working towards it and have some projects in the pipeline.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be?

Nobody wakes up in the morning and becomes successful. We all need to keep working towards becoming better. Remember that no agency has happy clients, and no client is ever happy with their PR agency, but the work keeps going!