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How Pedram Shakouri Uses Photography For Self Expression

“My main goal of taking photos is to express the feelings that I achieve and export it in the best possible visual way for people to see and make them feel even closer to the art.”

Pedram Shakouri, an artist who expresses emotions, nature, and much more through his photography, recently said this in an interview. He continues by saying, “I try my very best to show the feelings that people use to hide them, so when they see my art, they know that they are not alone, and it gives a feeling of freedom to show their true self.”

He started his journey at a very young age. And with time, his passion for photography only grew stronger. Photography generates much more than just a bonding between the model or scenario and the viewer. It creates a deeper sense of connection between people.

Pedram Shakouri further explains, “When a person begins their journey into self-expression through photography, they choose the image they want to photograph, but as you become more and more connected to yourself and your environment, the image begins to choose you. You no longer need the camera to capture the image because you’ve learned to visualize the beautiful images in your mind’s eye. The camera is now used only to take those photos that, for one reason or another, jump out at you that choose you. You’ll find, at this point, the photos themselves take on a deeper meaning and feel they are meant to be shared. This experience is not only healing but very spiritual as well. You begin to feel your oneness with your surroundings. It brings a sense of calm and peace into your life and encourages spiritual growth and development.”