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In 2022, Mishry plans to build a strong network of 6000 mompreneurs.

The outcome will be a great way for stay at home mothers to earn by writing reviews & help boost their income

New Delhi, May 11: Mishry, India’s first and largest product review platform, aims to build a 6000 strong network of momprenuers in this fiscal and enable these stay at home mothers boost their earning by writing, first-hand and experience-driven product reviews.

The initiative, known as Mishry Mums, was earlier started by the start-up as a way to help get back stay at home mothers  on long maternity-breaks to re-enter the formal workforce. Soon, this expanded to an informal group of Mums who started participating in reviews regularly. At present there are about 1000 Mishry Mums from across India on Mishry’s platform.

Started by former media professional and content specialist Tanu Ganguly in 2019, Mishry is India’s first and fastest growing product review platform. Mishry aims to make shopping for products better, with content that is thorough and credible. The platform currently has nearly 450,000 MAUs, a social media community of over 45,000 followers, besides 1000-odd momprenuers from all over India. Mishry has so far raised investments from Angel investors, including Vir Sanghvi, Rajiv Garodia, and Kiran Shetty. It also has Jonathan Callcut, Europe’s leading voice in the business of reviews, asa strategic advisor and mentor on the business.

Talking about Mishry Mums, Tanu Ganguly, Founder of Mishry said, “ The initiative was started as an internal process to help Mums come back to work after extended maternity or child care break. In our line of work – the Inherent knowledge of mums and how they make kitchen grocery related decisions is key. So we wanted to get in these mothers – who have this undocumented knowledge of products and would work flexible hours, while also earning a steady income.”

For every piece of review-based content, creators from Mishry Mums have earned anything from Rs 1500 to Rs 40,000 so far.

For Mishry, the initiative is an integral part of its larger mission of digitising the recommendation cycle. “When mums try things, not only do brands get a chance to have a very specific audience try out their products, but also these Mums act as amplifiers taking the message to a larger potential customer-base. As a positive outcome, the mums gain monetary benefits doing what they love to do! In addition to offering a seamless workflow for brands and mums, we moderate the process to maintain credibility, quality and authenticity all through,” Tanu added.

To this, a Mishry Mum who goes by the intsagram handle Twinstars_meera_gaura, said, “Mishry provides many women like me with earning and exposure opportunities to many mothers while working on brand collaborations”