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In a Conversation with Fitness Entrepreneur Utsav Ghosh, Founder, Transmission for Good Pvt Ltd

April 7: Pandemic taught us various lessons of our life. One of the biggest lessons was adopting a healthy lifestyle. We often get confused with this question that what does a healthy lifestyle means. On account of World Health Day we tried to break a few myths about it. We are interacting with a very special guest who is a serial entrepreneur as well as a successful fitness entrepreneur too.  Mr. Utsav Ghosh Founder Transmission For Good  Pvt Ltd.

Please introduce yourself to our viewers.

Hi, my name is Utsav Ghosh based in Mumbai. I am a Fitness entrepreneur and started a health tech startup known as “Transmission For Good Pvt Ltd.” We provide fitness programs to customers and help them to get into a healthy lifestyle and stay fit.

How your journey started as an entrepreneur?

My Entrepreneurial journey started in Bangalore way back in 2012 at the age of 18. Started a few businesses but they dint worked out well and shut down soon. This led me to get through a lot of stress and depression.  I was not able to pay attention to my health and gained a lot of weight. Lost confidence as I was too fat but during the lockdown, I thought to change this and I started working on myself without going to that vigorous weight training I was able to lose 25 kg weight in 4 months. This encouraged me to help others as well so started my venture.

Why did you choose the healthcare sector?

For everyone looking good is the most important thing but people mix this with a healthy lifestyle.  I chose this industry because I can resonate with my customers when they share their problems with excess weight or less weight.  I have gone through it myself and I understand how difficult it is to tackle this.

What are the myths you want to break with your venture?

Please don’t mix lifestyle with looks and toned body. A healthy lifestyle means that you follow a routine your body vitals are normal, your health report is normal. Don’t go by the fascinating world of glamour where 6 pack abs is the definition of a healthy lifestyle.  We are trying our best to end this myth through my venture.

Do you think people are reluctant or less aware of your industry or do they just superficially create an opinion?

Yes earlier people do this but during the pandemic, people realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and now people are looking for activities or a healthy diet rather than to end up in gym and doing vigorous training. Things are changing and very soon we can see it as well.

What is your message to youth on world health day?

Don’t go with the pictures they are deceptive. You need to believe that you are healthy and fit if you are able to be part of physical activities.  Understand being healthy and fit means you are active and strong from the inside. Health should be the topmost priority so stay fit.

What are your learning and advice for the young entrepreneur?

Just don’t lose hope and consistency. Be confident in what you do and be true to yourself.