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In A Conversation with Mr. Gaurav Raj, Co-Founder at Morning Owl

We got into a quick Tete-a-tete with the business magnate who has become a highly successful business personality with his venture Morning Owl.

 Q – Tell us about brand and the operations.

Gaurav Raj – We are based out of Kottayam, Kerala. We have our marketing office in Bangalore and we deliver our products pan India through E-commerce and our website. Morning Owl offers premium yet affordable Certified Natural products backed by a strong supply chain to deliver these products directly from our factory to the customer’s doorstep at a click of their button.

Q – What all benefits do consumer gets from the Morning Owl mattress and how it helps in healthy sleep?

Morning Owl provides natural, 100% pure latex mattress & pillows. The mattress are chemical free and completely safe. Our products are also bacteria resistant and we design mattresses & pillows to ensure you get a good nights rest. Our technology also ensures that your spine and neck get optimum support. These of course contribute to health and long term issues which a good mattress can rectify.

Q – How do you manufacture it? What is the process? 

The mattresses most consumers use today are made of carcinogenic chemicals (memory foam, bonded foam etc are made with cheap chemicals to reduce cost). They lose their shape/ are unable to provide proper spinal alignment (cotton mattress, spring mattress etc) and Morning Owl provide natural, 100% pure latex mattress & pillows. No chemicals and completely safe.

Q – What makes you different from the other mattress brand?

 We use 100% pure latex mattress & pillows.

Q – Do you have any expansion plan in other cities?

Recently we started our new store in Bangalore and we are in touch with the big e-retailer dealers in other cities to expand our presence all over India. We are delivering our products all over India through our e-commerce platform.

Q – How 100 percent pure latex mattresses and pillows give consumers healthy sleep? What are its benefits?

 Morning Owl latex mattresses and pillows offer pressure point relief while keeping the spine in the proper position. They strike the perfect balance between comfort and back support. All our products are sourced from certified natural units in Kerala. They are tested rigorously at our end to check for quality before getting assembled as the final product. We also test all the products rigorously before assembling and sending them to customers.

Some of the benefits are as listed below:

  • Pain Relief:Due to its supportive nature, latex alleviates the stress of the sore muscles. The comfort ensures muscles and bones rest, relax and de-stress. While your regular cotton and coir mattress can cause back pain, latex is the only mattress that will heal you.
  • Toxin Free: Latex is free of chemical toxins. Memory foam mattresses use solvents that are water-based adhesives for binding, which can be noxious that emit carcinogenic gases over their life. In fact, memory foam itself is a chemical compound. A pure latex mattress is made out of the sap of a natural rubber tree.
  • Bacteria and Dust-mite Resistant:Latex is the only mattress that is naturally inhospitable to dust mites, bed bugs, and bacteria. It prevents bad odors and allergy symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, itching, and cold.
  • Mattress that Breathes: Do you often sleep feeling hot on your bed?  Foam mattresses do not let air circulate. Latex mattresses are made of pin core holes. Latex allows airflow and hence temperature remains regulated. It does not trap the sleeper’s body heat. Hence the sleeper sleeps on a cool surface.
  • Better Durability: Memory foam and other regular mattresses are more prone to wear and tear. Latex, on the other hand, has a longer life. You will notice these non-latex mattresses start to sag or lose shape over time. Latex mattresses will stay intact for over 15 years. Morning Owl is certified by Oeko Tek and Eco-Institute.

Q – How do you see your business in the next 5 years?

Our expansion work is in progress and we are aiming to open 20-25 new stores in different cities by 2025 and we are working on some new product designs, trying to make sleep more comfortable and healthy for all people.

Q – Any long-short term goal to boost your business?

We, at Morning Owl, are continuously working and investing in making the consumers aware of the right kind of mattress and invest almost 15 per cent of our revenue in such marketing strategies. Going forward, we are working on some new product designs that will further facilitate and offer a great and healthy sleep to our consumers. While we are bootstrapped, we have arrived at an annual run-rate of Rs 8-9 crore and are working continuously to keep growing above this.