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Inatur’s Ayurveda and Aromatherapy backed personal care products

Inatur is a range of natural skin, hair, and wellness products ethically made from pure Ayurveda and Aromatherapy ingredients in a scientific and research-backed way to be result-oriented and safe on the skin.

“Beauty, Nature & Ethics must integrate seamlessly with what we do, how we do & why we do it.” With this vision, Pooja Nagdev set upon the endeavour to create Inatur. In pursuit of her passion, she studied cosmetology & Aromatherapy in UK and Canada.

Pooja practised the principles of Ayurveda to deeply understand the relevance of ancient science in the present day. A Masters in Business Administration from one of India’s leading universities helps her lead the organisation and team efficiently and dynamically.

Q. How did you acquire knowledge about Ayurveda?

Pooja Nagdev  – I studied the principles of Ayurveda to deeply understand the relevance of ancient science in the present day. This knowledge inspired me to innovate and create unique, eco-friendly, effective, and safe skincare & wellness products.

Q. Being a mother of two grown-ups, what challenges do you have to face in this journey of being an entrepreneur?

PN – When you are an entrepreneur, you are not just involved with your children’s life. Many employees and many people are working for you and are deeply connected. There is a more significant role as a mentor, guardian, and parent. One consequence is that usually, throughout the day, you are not there for your children to give them meals or sit with them or hang out with them. At the same time, it makes your kids more independent and more responsible, in a positive way. There are no negative consequences as such it’s like being a mother and being a woman and being an entrepreneur. All these roles go hand-in-hand.

I feel one should show up every day and prioritise in your life. One learns a lot when one has to handle too many gigs, or too many things are on hand.

Q. Please tell us about the USP of your products. Why would a customer prefer INATUR products over others?

PN – We believe that our TG deserves safe result-oriented products made from natural ingredients created ethically and in an eco-friendly manner. Transparent labelling is our motto.

We stay away from any false claims and believe in declaring all the ingredients to the customers. We ensure that nature, ethics, and care are part of every product and service we offer, which creates value for our clients. Inatur’s products are solutions made for a purpose that extends beyond the product attributes; it’s about guiding and educating consumers about natural care and includes therapies for skin, hair, and beauty.

What sets Inatur apart from all the competitors is our extensive research and development capabilities and strict quality control practices. Another advantage is our end-to-end manufacturing process – from the raw materials to the finished goods along with the in-house packaging, unlike the competitors.

I feel Nature is Luxury, and with Inatur, we create Functional, Luxurious, Natural Care and Wellness products.

Q.What advice you would like to give to other ‘mompreneurs’.

PN – My advice to the mompreneurs will be to identify their goals, opportunities, and even gaps in the market. Life is changing fast, and so are our needs. Creating innovative and meaningful products is the key. It is essential to know your customers for whom the products and services are designed. First and foremost is to have a solid business plan which takes care of gaps, contingencies, and failures.

Before going full-on, one can test the idea on a smaller audience. In case there are any changes made in the plan, follow the market feedback. At this point, it is essential to build a strong network, connect with people who matter, and get them to understand your plan. Sometimes a business plan is unique and needs to be scaled up immediately before others enter the market. Therefore it is advisable to have your finances in order.

Lastly & Most Important; Don’t Give Up On Your Dream.