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India to Get Over 800 New Charging Stations across the National Highways

Authored Article by Rupesh Kumar (CEO of EVI)

Critical times allow you to think differently and act out of your box, as petrol and diesel rates are touching the sky, so it is essential to shift to electric vehicles for our safety and benefits. A small step leads to a big success in making India a pollution-free country. Electric vehicles play a vital role in that. People have started purchasing electric vehicles. They slowly begin their trust in electric cars and also serve a healthy environment for themselves. This is like a boost to our infrastructure and the automobile industry, as it significantly advances technology to work with electricity. Every coin has two sides, similarly, there were many cons, what if the battery charging is shut during the road, what if the battery is overheated, what if the charging is taking too much time, and many more, but in their defence, OEMs came up with a solution, as if the battery is overheated, the car automatically switches off, and we can use coolant for battery, and if the battery’s life is low then, there were around 800 new charging stations across the national highways, which will be set up by Convergence Energy Services Ltd (CESL) through which one can easily charge the vehicle and drive quickly.

This is a massive step for the electric vehicles as there are 800 new charging stations, 16 highways and expressways which will cover 10,275 kilometres across the country. This will boost the infrastructure and support electric cars running on the road. In their outstanding achievement, EVI Technologies play a vital role as they provide facilities to check on electric vehicles to run on the highways. They are equipped with an opportunity to install chargers and help our government to make our country pollution free and give a new phase to it. According to CESL, electric vehicle charging stations will be for both private and commercial sectors. These stations charge electric cars and buses; these EV chargers will be set up at 590 locations with a 50kW capacity. It will also set up 220 chargers with 100kW capacity every 100 Kms. These all-EV chargers will be set up every 25km on highways and expressways. Opening such a huge amount of charging stations, will also attract foreign car brands to come to India and start their business in India, just like recently automobiles companies Skoda, Volkswagen, Toyota, and many more companies have started manufacturing electric vehicles, which have a great response as well.

According to CESL, the EV charging stations will be established along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Ahmedabad-Vadodara Highway, Delhi-Agra Yamuna Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway, Hyderabad ORR Expressway, and Agra-Nagpur Highway, among others. All these routes are pre-checked and analyzed by them and the trail run on Delhi-Agra Yamuna Expressway has already been done in Delhi. Jaipur trails are planned to start in next month with the involvement of EVI Technologies like Tech companies. Electric vehicles are of future cars; they are slowly gaining their position as similar to petrol and diesel vehicles, but in their competition, there were hybrid cars which run on electric as well as petrol, this technology puts the customer in a dilemma to what to choose, as hybrid vehicle have good mileage. In contrast, electric vehicles have mileage but know how much it takes to run when it’s charged, as they run on electricity. Hence, electric vehicles are the only technology that will remain endless, as in the future the natural resources have a shortage, then only electric vehicles will be run on the roads.