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Innovsol, offers tech expertise and intelligence to businesses

At a time when the businesses are heavily inclined on investing in the digital technologies post-coronavirus pandemic, the new-age innovators are changing the digital landscape by offering tech expertise and business intelligence to help leverage change and deliver results by harnessing the power of emerging technologies.  In an interview, Ashok Pandey, founder, and CEO of Innovsol, a consulting and service firm leveraging digital technologies, talks about the company’s core competence in automating monotonous everyday operations throughout different industries.

Give us a brief on Innovsol.

We are a new generation of innovators at Innovsol. We are primarily a consulting and services organisation that employs digital technology to innovate the curated solutions sector for businesses. Our main operations entail combining technology knowledge and business intelligence to help leverage change and deliver results toward enabling company goals by using the power of emerging technologies. We strive to eliminate human errors by allowing programming robots to accomplish the sophisticated range of work efficiently in order to automate the monotonous everyday activities across many industries. Our cutting-edge solutions primarily aim to encourage businesses and organisations to establish an automated workforce by providing a platform for programming robots.

What are the services provided by the company?

We are committed to partnering with our clients to enable their enterprise goals by harnessing the power of emerging technologies by combining tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyse change and deliver results. Our services include Digital Transformation Consulting, Professional Services and Support and Managed Services

What were the consequences faced by you throughout the journey of being an entrepreneur?

Initially, when we reserved a premium location for our office, people did not join our organisation owing to the distance. Finally, we had to decide on a site that was handy for candidates. It is critical to hire the proper people. You recruit someone only to discover that he does not fit the bill, and the entire hiring procedure must be restarted. This entire procedure is a vicious circle that requires a significant amount of time and energy. This difficulty causes hurdles and roadblocks in our path to success. We believe that our hard work and consistency will get us to where we want to go. However, no one knows about you, so developing a brand from the start is essential.

What are the company and team culture like in your company?

There is an old adage that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your company. As a result, we make a concerted effort to care for our personnel. We believe that if we can establish a leadership culture in which everyone is a leader and is accountable for developing leaders, our organisation will thrive. Another area in which we place a high value is creating customer delight.

What would be one thing from your entrepreneurial journey you would want to change if you had an opportunity?

Because this is our first entrepreneurial venture, it has taught us a lot. When we embark on this road, we are continually learning, and it is a life-long process. As a result, I feel there is no perfect time or condition to begin your trip. If you continue to plan, you will never start. The only reality is that no matter how well you plan, you will experience difficulties 90 percent of the time. Your desire to succeed, delight customers, and serve them will propel your company forward.