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Instahyre launched a revolutionary bulk hiring product in HR Tech – Instahyre drives 

The HRtech platform automates the complete hiring process for recruiters and helps them conduct AI-enabled Instahyre drives for optimized hiring

Gurugram: Instahyre- an advanced AI-based hiring platform, has recently launched Instahyre drives to help business organizations and recruiters conduct their next hiring drive backed by innovative AI solutions. 

Traditionally, the recruitment space was plagued by several challenges that included the grunt work in sourcing candidates. As part of the lengthy process, recruiters had to post jobs on all keyword-based legacy systems or hire consulting firms at a high cost. As a result, the recruiters received irrelevant applications and 2/3rd of their time was wasted on manual tasks, with only 18% turnout on drive day from total shortlists. Instahyre drives offer new-age bulk hiring solutions that combine the company hiring model and job data model and create a candidate persona model to mimic a human recruiter. 

Commenting on offering Instahyre drives, Sarbojit Mallick, Co-founder of Instahyre, said, “The upheaval in the world of work has impacted the most critical functions, including the recruitment process. Instahyre drives prove to be a game-changer in how recruiters source candidates and engage with them. Our AI and ML algorithms bring agility and personalization to the task while automating the entire process.”

Instahyre drives use the AI-powered algorithm of InstaMatch that integrates all hiring segments and helps recruiters with intelligent inputs to build a high-performance talent pipeline. The single tool automates the mundane hiring task and handles the bulk hiring for recruiters, from sourcing, shortlisting and scheduling interviews to find the right candidate. It offers quick ROI with a reduction in hiring time and a 3X reduction in hiring cost. 

Instahyre drives leverage AI-enabled candidate matching through personalized emails and inbound applications. It conducts deliberate screening and assessment, shortlisting, and interview scheduling of the candidates, followed by the offered rollout for selected candidates. 

The Instahyre drives process is time-bound and consistently shares priority drive alerts and personalized Instabot reminder emails for high response rates. In addition, it offers to call support from its sourcing team to candidates as well as recruiters to offer a personalized recruitment experience. 

Incepted in 2017, Instahyre is a comprehensive, advanced HRtech platform that uses the potential of AI and ML to build InstaMatch – the proprietary technology that mimics a human recruiter and learns from the user’s actions. 

In a short span, the HRtech platform has satisfied over 10,000 customers including prominent industry players – Amazon, Google, PayPal, Salesforce, Walmart, Oracle, Razorpay, Paytm, PhonePe, Salesforce, JP Morgan, Adobe, Myntra and many others. 

The platform is aggressively working on meeting its expansion plans to achieve holistic business growth. It is building a comprehensive suite of HR tech products for sourcing to onboarding which will help the company get deeper into an organization. 

Recently, the company has also released modern tools like Instahyre Scheduler, an automated interview scheduling system and Instahyre talent Insights to overview the talent landscape for any role across any geography.