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Intellicus launches Flow heralds the New Age of WFM

Bangalore: Intellicus Technologies launches Flow, an omnichannel workforce management solution that arms traditional BPMs with the best in AutoML, AI and Cloud technologies for forecasting, planning and optimizing workforces.

Intellicus is a business intelligence and data analytics platform, services and solutions provider for enterprises and offers embedded BI capabilities for software vendors. The company has launched Flow, its workforce management (WFM) solution. Flow enables Business Process Management (BPM) companies to optimize their workforce and maximize productivity. 

Speaking about the WFM product, Mr Rajesh Murthy, Founder Architect & VP of Engineering at Intellicus Technologies, said, “We understand the BPM world and appreciate their need to balance rich customer experience with profitability. Our expertise in the BPM domain brings a unique understanding of the BPM world and its challenges. Flow is bringing in the new age of WFM by empowering traditional WFM teams to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry.”  

Rajesh further added, “Our solution brings multiple superlative features for the new age requirements of the BPM industry. Flow connects with over 75 data sources and helps WFM managers to forecast confidently using the power of AutoML. With Flow, WFM teams can leverage data science, ML and What-If analysis for effective shift identification and capacity planning. Flow’s real-time, interactive dashboards empower every business user to understand, analyze and compare data for making data-driven decisions. The flow will be available as an on-prem solution or as a managed service on Cloud and is the single solution any BPM needs to ensure that the best agent with the right skill set is matched with every customer interaction.”

Offering solutions for omnichannel inbound as well as outbound operations, Flow already counts industry leaders CBSL, Hexaware and 1Point1 among its clients.