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Just One-Click Away From Entering the World of Stocks & Crypto with Rainmaker

Get Rs. 50 on your first sign-up, play your first game for free and win like a pro.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] September 10: Rainmaker, the world’s first fantasy Cryptocurrency & Stock exchange gaming application, brings to you an offer where you can play your first ever game for free. This is what a win-win situation looks like for crypto stock enthusiasts and a fresh learning experience worth no investments for the new investors.

About Rainmaker

Rainmaker- A legal, fun, engaging and high-skilled Cryptocurrency & Stock fantasy game application, tailor-made for fun and entertainment while educating and bringing all crypto, stock market and equity investment enthusiasts from around the world on a single platform to compete against each other in different forms of exciting and gripping contests ( Pick 6 or 9 cryptocurrency and stocks.) To become the next ‘Big Bull’, Rainmaker gives you a chance to test your knowledge and skills, create immersive portfolios/teams to build or enhance your crypto and stock analytical skills, improve your investment strategies, and win cash rewards daily. Download now and engage yourself in the world of Cryptocurrency and stocks for an experience like never before. Rainmaker is the answer to all your questions regarding the Cryptocurrency and Stock markets investment space, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced trader.

Life-hacks to use Rainmaker’s platform to your advantage:

  1. Fun and engaging game to earn money from the Cryptocurrency or Stock Markets by using negligible spending and without risking actual investment value to earn an exponential return on the entry fees, usually 5x upwards and in some cases, it can go up to 20x to 35x and above.
  1. Seasoned Investors or market traders can hedge their positions here and make some sort of a return even if the real-world investments go sideways.

Please note: In this use case, the more wrong you are in the real world, the better are your returns on Rainmaker.

  1. Learn immediate investment strategies that you can apply in the real world by copying the selections of winners in a contest. This is possible because of our live leader board that shows the selections of all winners to all participants during a live contest.

Rainmaker works on a simple online fantasy gaming principle concerning the user rewards, taking references based on data from live events and fluctuations taking place in the real-time Global Cryptocurrency and Indian Stock markets using real-time data of exchanges with a lag of max 1 min.

Download the world’s first fantasy gaming app for Cryptocurrencies and Stocks, and grab a chance to win exciting rewards.

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*Get Rs.50 on your first sign-up, offer valid only till 30th September | T&C Apply

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Disclaimer: This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Terms and conditions published on Rainmaker’s website/ application shall apply.