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“Keeping yourself grounded as a content creator is crucial” — Singer Udit Sehgal

November 17: I am Udit Sehgal and I am a singer. As each day passes, I strive to be a better person and hope to perform better every day.

I started playing the guitar at the age of eight; of course, I was not an expert immediately but, I kept practising, and during this time, I realised I could sing as well. It was indeed an epiphany.

After school, I got an opportunity to become a DJ artist that became the first baby step to my musical career. I started my career in 2016 when I released my first song, ‘Dooriyan’ and ‘Tu Chal Saath’ soon after. I then got an extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with DJ Shadow for the song- ‘Woh’ which released on T-series in 2019. I released ‘Balliye’ and ‘Tanker’ by 2020. Another favourite, Afreen too released by the end of 2020, and it got an overwhelming response from the audience. I admire the vibrant ‘Jal’, ‘Noori’ and other Pakistani bands for artistic inspiration.

As I continued playing the guitar and singing, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. This is my passion, and I want this in my life. I have always worked relentlessly to achieve my dream, and I will continue to do so. My desire was and is my inspiration to be a singer.

My favourite thing about being an influencer is sharing my talent to hundreds or thousands and millions and expressing myself to them through my songs. I also hope it inspires someone to work for their passion and not give up hope. That’s also one of the three things I would like to tell anyone starting in the industry; Do not give up. Stay true to yourself, do not try to copy or imitate anyone; you have your own style. And the last thing would be that do not expect immediate success, you may not achieve success immediately, and that is completely fine!

How do you stay healthy mentally as a content creator in today’s day and age? Three tips that I personally found helpful

1) Avoid addictions; smoking, drinking. It may seem to help you initially, but in the long run, it just ruins everything.

2) Stop listening to what others talk about; everyone will have hundreds of comments and opinions. But, do what you feel is right and stand by it.

3) Take time for yourself; it is very easy to forget yourself in the hectic lifestyle we have, but try and take time to sort your thoughts and refresh your mind.

One thing I would like to advise my younger self is, be patient. Big things are coming your way, and keep working hard. It’ll definitely pay off.