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Khadi Masks are making a mark in the time when India needs to adopt and support, Swadeshi Movement

Surat,Gujarat (India) : Those who change the problems to opportunity are called aatmanirbhar and an example of such is seen in Surat. Khadi Masks are getting ready in Surat, which help fight against covid 19 and can be worn easily in the hot weather. Due to the increasing cases of coronavirus in the state and the lockdown, the businesses have to close down. During this time, the demand of masks has increased considerably and Surat’s Dipti Bhalala is making thousands of Khadi masks in a day.

PM Modi in his latest address to the nation urged people to become self dependent. Amid the lockdown, all businesses had to be shut down and are suffering huge losses, but Dipti of Surat has set an example of how to carry on a business during such time. Dipti used to run a boutique and during this time, she specially designed khadi masks and started making it. The speciality of this mask is that this mask is made totally from khadi and is made from two layers. This mask helps people in this weather and doesn’t let the perspiration happen on the face.

This mask is designed in such a way that the oxygen can easily pass through the mask and people feel comfortable wearing the mask. Most of the people prefer wearing khadi during summers and during this pandemic, people use more of Indian products, these masks were made. These masks are being used by medical staff as well as corona warriors and these masks can be used multiple times. Whereas these masks are cheaper than the masks being sold in the market. These khadi masks are in huge demand and hence Dipti Bhalala is making more than 10 thousand masks at her home.

PM Modi emphasised the importance of swadeshi in his latest address to the nation and these khadi masks are an ideal example of it.