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Know the sought after career choices for Non-IT professionals in 2022

Surat (Gujarat) [India]: As the pandemic wave fades away, learners and professionals are keen to explore rewarding careers that would compensate for the lull period that has gone by. What next? It is the question in the mind of every learner and professional. With digitization seeping into our lives, several job opportunities have surfaced with the capacity to employ non-IT professionals too. Though the demand and avenues for jobs are expanding, there is an evident gap in finding the right resources for the job. People have started to understand the importance of Skilling as a whole.

We hereby take the opportunity to enlist some of the most sought-after career options for Non-IT professionals today.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence:

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence have become increasingly important for organizations. Data Analytics has helped companies process raw data into valuable assets. Business Intelligence Analysts study these statistical insights and extract valuable information that aligns with organizational goals. It is an ideal job for challenge seekers.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing is garnering immense popularity because of its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Keeping with the ongoing market trends, EdTech institutes have started offering co-certification courses in Cloud Computing. Amazon Web Services has successfully established such collaboration with EdTech institutes like EduBridge, a workforce development platform that offers such online courses to open up a bridge between non-Tech youth to build a career in Tech. The curriculum explores the fundamentals of the cloud, enabling learners to acquire entry-level cloud positions in the workforce. The pedagogy is job-oriented, walking learners through an array of soft skills required to secure a position as a cloud practitioner.

Banking And Non-Banking Professionals: 

Banking is the fastest-growing segment for non-tech professionals. The segment is rife with opportunities, allowing learners and professionals to explore unending profiles in the segment.  To fulfil the ever-increasing demand, many educational institutions have commenced with courses in:


  1. An Advanced Level, certified course in the Banking and Non-Banking Financial Services – An opportunity that is apt for graduates or undergraduates. With this course, one could explore the profile of a loan collector. RBI has added some interesting aspects which are quite interesting to learn.


  1. The rise of MSMEs has boosted the requirement of investment bankers. Graduates and career-oriented individuals can enrol in Certified Program in Investment Banking. Investment banking delves deeper into Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Advisory, IPOs, Equity Money and Capital Markets, Debt Advisory & Reconstructing, and Leveraged Buyouts. Such courses are like a stepping stone for aspiring investment bankers, and it helps them hone their skills.


  1. Individuals who want to get into accountancy by opting for a Certification Programme in Accounting and Taxation with GST and Tally. Understanding the nuances of accounts coupled with Tally and Taxation is another vertical with excellent growth scope.


Today career is not restricted to Graduation. Employers are looking for specialization in the specific stream that best suits their businesses. Employees can start by training themselves in the desired segment earlier on.  Resources with multiple skills are in great demand. For professionals, learning is an ongoing process. Segments like Digital marketing and Healthcare have great scope for growth. The fourth digital revolution has empowered organizations to adapt to newer forms of functioning.

(Author Girish Singhania  is the CEO of EduBridge)