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Krescon Coaches, individuals and business owners are living a “Legacy.”

Anish Rakheja, also known as Coach Anish, is the Founder of Krescon Coaches. He has industry experience of over three decades — wherein he has guided and mentored many business leaders and professionals in their journey of creating a legacy that truly matters. Also, an author of the highly acclaimed ‘Mystic Millionaire series of books (Fiction), Anish talks about his startup Krescon, Legacy Creation, Leadership Grooming, Business Succession Planning, and Career Transition firm in an exclusive interview with Rahul Mehra.

Q – How and when did Krescon start?

Anish Rakheja – Krescon Coaches was started in the year 2020. Our genesis lies in acknowledging the importance of a meaningful Legacy in the life of every individual and business owner. Imagine what and who we are without our Legacy? How empty and meaningless our life journey is and will be without a Legacy? Legacy helps fill that emptiness and the feeling of incompleteness; it makes us and our lives complete.

Krescon Coaches exists on a firm belief that the one who becomes a LEGEND becomes immortal, and each one of us can become a Legend. For making this possible, the secret lies in creating a Legacy.

We at Krescon Coaches show you the way to create a Legacy. We transform Leaders into Legends. Each of us can become a Living Legend, which is the message we want to share with one and all. Krescon Coaches is managed by professionals with vast experience, including IIT graduates, MBAs, and Industry experts. The core team has over five decades of experience in providing professional coaching services and expanding thought leadership in their respective segments.

We are currently present in 3 geographies – Europe, SE Asia, and India, and we are also soon starting operations in the Middle East, Australia, and Canada. Krescon Coaches is affiliated with and/or certified by globally renowned organizations and institutions in the coaching and mentoring space, such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) & the International Consortium of Agile (IC Agile). Additionally, Krescon Coaches has expert assessors on leading psychometric tools like MBTI, Hogan, Strong Interest Inventory, DiSC, and Gallup Strength Finder.

Q – What are the core offerings of Krescon Coaches?

AR – Krescon Coaches offers exclusive and high-quality profiling, coaching, mentoring, and business advisory services based on best-in-class tools and techniques, patented coaching frameworks, and a powerful team of global leaders turned coaches.

Krescon’s network of internationally certified veteran coaches actively work with a multitude of celebrities, entrepreneurs, business owners, business families, and professionals in the areas listed below:

  • Leadership grooming to reach the pinnacle of Leadership Thinking is called the ‘Savant Leadership.’
  • 360-degree Astro Profiling for a deep understanding of one’s unique natural strengths
  • Succession Coaching for Legacy preservation and growth
  • Transition Coaching for Leaders transitioning in or transitioning-out
  • Career Mentoring for Individuals and future Leaders

Additionally, Krescon Coaches has also launched its Ultimate Leadership Grooming Programme named “The Pinnacle”. This revolutionary, one-of-a-kind hands-on program guides you step by step to transform into an Influential Leader and constantly move upwards towards the pinnacle of strategic thinking and impactful execution.

Q – What are the core fundamentals on which Krescon is based? What are the strategies you use?

AR – Krescon Coaches lives and works by its core values of Confidentiality, Accountability, and Trustworthiness. They are like the tripod’s three legs, providing a base on which Krescon Coaches stands. Being true to those values is the reason for our phenomenal success. All our clients (we prefer to call them family members of Krescon) are aware of the importance that our values hold for us. And our commitment to the non-negotiable value systems makes us stand apart and trusted by many across the globe.

At Krescon Coaches, here are a few of the key strategies we use:

  • 360-degree Astro Profiling using NDP© Framework – The Framework combines the ancient Vedic wisdom of Astrology and Psychometric assessment’s scientific rigour to create a phenomenal energy map about our whole being.
  • ARISE © Coaching Model for Legacy Building & Succession Coaching – Krescon’s ARISE© Coaching Model is a structured methodology used by our trained coaches. They help you systematically discover your true potential and use those insights to build a future map for mega living and Legacy Creation.