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Krishna Bhatt on How Meditation Inspired Him to Set Up His Venture – Webuters Technologies

March 29: The terms “business” and “meditation” are rarely used together. While meditation is often associated with people leading a more relaxed and detached life, business is all about hustling in the market and engaging with a range of different people every day. However, Krishna Bhatt has found a link between the two as he attributes the success of his business to meditation. The founder and CEO of Webuters Technologies was inspired to set up and run his venture by meditation.

A life-altering experience introduced Mr Bhatt to meditation at the age of 22. This allowed him to explore his spirituality and get to know himself better. Once he abandoned the clutter of thoughts in his head and started being more receptive, he found his true calling. Mr Bhatt believes that looking inward helped him make the right decisions inlife. He says, “Meditation has taught me that when you stop trying to control your thoughts, you stop being controlled by them. The much-needed touch of spirituality helped me think straight and decide what I am willing to do in life. This allowed me to lay the foundation of Webuters technologies.”

Meditation also provides Mr Bhatt with the discipline to manage his venture ad perform his tasks with efficiency. He believes that while the external world is beyond our control, we can control our own minds. This gives him the discipline to stay focused to achieve his business objectives. Meditation gives the entrepreneur the ability to focus on a goal without bothering noise surrounding him.

Moreover, Mr Bhatt believes that the core of an individual is always positive and meditation helps them find the same by looking within. He says, “While it is easy for one to stay positive when their career is soaring high, it is equally difficult to gather oneself when the going gets tough. Meditation allows me to take a back seat and look at the problems from an objective point of view, without allowing myself to be tortured by them. When you live in the present and are grateful for the simple pleasures of life, your mindset remains positive. There is no obstacle that you cannot overcome with a positive mind.”

Bring grateful to have meditation in his life, Mr Bhatt believes that the primary goal of every human being should be to know themselves. “If you can truly look within and be at peace with yourself, you can overcome almost every challenge. The key is to stop getting trapped in things that are external and focus on your spiritual well-being. Once you achieve this, the doors to life would open at once,” he concludes.