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Lawyered Targeting to Raise USD 1M For its next phase of growth & expansion

New Delhi (India), March 17: Lawyered, a leading legal tech initiative is looking at raising USD 1 million. The amount will be spent to build the platform and further strengthen the operations team.

Currently, Lawyered is focusing on giving on-road legal assistance to vehicle owners. For private vehicle owners, LaWz (Lawyered on Wheelz), an exclusive offering for vehicle owners to provide them legal assistance in the time of need has been developed along with the flagship product LotS (Lawyer on the Spot) which has been developed for commercial vehicles has addressed over 200 incidents in the last quarter and INR 32 Cr. for the transport community have been potentially saved. Support from CJ Darcl Logistics has also been acquired.

It has also partnered with ‘Insurance Samadhan’ to support the fulfilment and recovery of claims for its clients. Through this partnership, Lawyered will be able to support its clients in their claim for their settlement process as part of their LotS subscription. The platform is also solving users’ problems of Awareness, Access and Affordability.

Legal is dreaded in the country. At its core is the absence of information. Individuals are uninformed with regards to their legitimate right, ways to look for lawful assistance and the system/interaction to avail. On top of it, admittance to the right lawful help is truly challenging. Lawyered is working towards bridging this gap.

Himanshu Gupta, CEO & Founder – Lawyered emphasizes the fact that “Lawyered is building an automated LAAS (Legal As A Service) model where those who need legal access/support can efficiently get the right advice. Lawyered currently attend 95% of all district courts in India. Cumulatively lawyered has already solved 20,000 plus legal issues on its platform. Lawyered also has customers based out of the logistics sector like Bharat Logistics, Express Roadways Pvt Ltd, Om Logistics and more”.

Founder & CEO – Lawyered, Himanshu Gupta quotes, “We are here to make you legally empowered and, on a mission, to ensure that every citizen has access to the right legal support.”