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Lead generation with B2B consultant Ashish Pokale

New Delhi: In B2B marketing lead generation is the most important role that sales and marketing teams play. This is because the more leads you generate, the more sales you are likely to generate in any firm.

Our correspondent had a detailed discussion on challenges faced in B2B marketing with Mr. Ashish Pokale a B2B Consultant and Google Certified Digital Marketer, who has varied experience working on Sales and Marketing projects for more than 15 years with Indian and International MNCs like YAHOO!, IndiaMART, DNA, PEPSICO etc.

” In 2022 unlike the early 2000s or earlier when people were dependent on local directories to find contacts or used soft data available to send emails or tele calling, now there are various online tools available at nominal charges to get specific sets of data and even connect with the right audience directly.

Data is a new Oil but it needs to be refined as per the industry or one’s requirement, To connect with a key decision-maker is important. Especially small to large-scale suppliers or manufacturers instead of depending on B2B portals to get inquiries can now connect with their target audience and generate their own leads simultaneously maintaining it for future prospects.

Another way is to promote one’s website on search engines within a specific region or country to drive traffic to the target audience with help of keywords via Ads or S.E.O.

Keeping the current competition in mind both the above ways generate better results if worked upon simultaneously. After all, sales is about your hunger and passion for growth and flexibility to carry out different experiments for your own business.

The way of connecting people has changed dynamically over a decade. Our team is also working on a portal which will help any supplier to connect their target audience at one click.”

After small research with traders and suppliers who are left with very few options, it seems that they are unhappy with the current services provided by large B2B portals as many generate fake or irrelevant inquiries.

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