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Learning Spiral: AI based assessment solution provider

Manish Mohta founded Learning Spiral Private Limited (LSPL) in the year 1999 and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mohta Group of Companies with a combined turnover of more than INR 3 billion and operations in India and Africa.

He founded Learning Spiral with a vision to provide services and solutions geared towards effective management of applicant and assessment/examination processes to educational institutes, universities, colleges, recruiters, recruitment bodies, and other assessment bodies.

In an exclusive interview with Hello Entrepreneurs, Mr. Manish Mohta speaks about Learning Spiral and his entrepreneurial journey throughout.

  1. What is the concept of Learning Spiral?

Universities in most growing economies struggle to handle their Applicants, Students, Examinations, and associated processes. These activities consume 30% of the Academic Calendar & 40% of University staff hours. Despite so much ‘effort,’ students remain dissatisfied and disgruntled. More than 30% of students submit grievances or request re-evaluation of evaluated scores. In our country itself, more than 4 months per year goes into just conducting examinations. During this period colleges /Universities do not hold any classes leading to a colossal loss of learning hours. Moreover, the design of assessments fails to judge either learning outcomes or job readiness.

Learning Spiral aims to be the trusted enabler to higher education institutions to help students achieve their aspirations. We provide a host of applications on a SaaS model to digitally transform the student lifecycle: Admission Academics & Assessments.

We have been handling admissions, examinations, and assessments for nearly two decades now. Due to our deep domain knowledge and ability to handle all forms of processes we are the ideal partner for Universities in their digital transformation. This is because we can render services covering their entire journey from a mix of manual and digital to completely digital over say 2-3 years.

We manage the entire student cycle. From the registration process to managing students’ academics, from tracking students’ progress to generating exam papers, and from examining to providing them with the final result, and even the degrees, we help educational bodies to manage the entire thing seamlessly and effectively from the beginning till the end.

Our online examination solution powers online assessments, and examinations for 40+ universities & 1000+ institutes. Thus, with more than 20+ years of experience, we know what it takes to convert manual processes into digital ones.

  1. What are the mission and vision statements of the company?

Our mission is to make the assessment and examination more asynchronous by providing solutions and services to the institutions that will double the available learning hours in the country.

  1. Increase available learning hours by 40%
  2. Decrease the burden of stress associated with admissions & assessments by 50%
  3. Eliminate student grievances totally

Our vision behind setting up Learning Spiral is to impact the education system at the grassroots level. At this juncture in the Indian education system, we noticed that out of 12 months, 4 to 5 months goes out unproductive in conducting the exam. During this period, the schools become the centers, the teacher’s evaluators, and the whole learning process shuts down. The same is the case with universities as well, during the exams, teachers get occupied with administrator duty and the universities get closed for 2-3 months.

Learning spiral is here to reform the timeline as cumulatively students have 12 months, but effectively the learning is hardly happening for 5-6 months in the entire year. Our mission here is to make the assessment and examination more asynchronous by providing solutions and services to the institutions that will double the available learning hours in the country.

  1. Since the inception of Learning Spiral in 1999, what are the challenges and consequences faced by you?

Higher Education has been a traditional and conservative sector. Change and adoption rates had been slow for all forms of digital intervention. The last 3 years have changed that outlook and we have seen a huge upsurge in both adoption and acceptance. From Digital on-screen evaluation of handwritten answer scripts to Online Remote proctored examinations for admissions and semester examinations, many takers have seen.

  1. What is the one thing that always keeps you motivated toward the growth of the company?

We are on the mission to reduce the time to evaluate results accurately for High Stake assessments by half. This will add more than 20 million man-months of learning for the youth of our country. This is something that motivates and drives our team and its efforts.

  1. Let us know more about the recent releases of the Learning spiral. (NIFT Collaboration)

We’ve recently collaborated with the National Institute of fashion technology to conduct the first-ever two devices remote proctored examination and the UCanAssess app on the second device for a more secure and fair exam with a 360-degree view. We focus on leveraging information technology and AI to deliver assessment and examination solutions with custom products and platforms to educational institutes, universities, schools, colleges, recruitment bodies, and assessment bodies. The online examination system, UCanAssess supports a range of online invigilation modalities that includes capturing photos, screen sharing, recording the candidate’s video/audio, restricting the candidate’s browser movements, and 360 degrees proctoring. Basically, a 360-degree view ensures a more secure and fair online examination.

We cater to the varied needs of universities or an independent assessment agency from their enrollment process to the examination. We successfully managed to conduct the enrollment process and entrance examination of 18000+ students applying for NIFT. UCanAssess&UCanApply are the two major products and platforms for online admission and examination.  UCanAssess is helping to examine remote locations in the most secure manner using the internet & the latest technology and applications.

About our Online Examination System:UCanAssess

Our online examination system has been used for conducting National level online entrance examinations, online recruitment examinations for institutes of high repute, and Semester and admission exams for Central and State Universities. The applications of the association are powered by amazon web services, the world’s most reliable cloud service.

Our online examination system meets demanding high stake exam criteria. From scalability, and disaster management to fault tolerance we have you covered. The application supports question item and response level encryption even while adhering to international QTI specifications for question item storage.