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Learning Spiral organized an exclusive event “Reimagine Education”

India, April 22: Learning spiral, India’s leading online exam solution provider has recently organized an exclusive event “Reimagine Education” in association with Amazon Web Services. The higher education session has been organized to introduce the world of education to the newer possibilities of education technology, cloud-based services, and web solutions. Industry experts and leaders discussed the best tech solutions at length that enable assessments & admissions in a rapidly changing environment.

Reimagining Education is marked by dynamic paradigm shifts witnessed in all aspects of education over the past two years, including extensive digitization, modernization and evolution. The exclusive event was backed by expert panelists, Dr. AmitNevatia, Education of Workforce Lead (AWS), Dr. SaikatMaitra, Vice-Chancellor of MAKAUT, Dr. SubhashisDatta, Controller of Examinations MAKAUT, AmlanChakrabarti, Head of IT and Technology Innovation Cell, University of Calcutta and Prof. Dr. Mahua Das, VC, West Bengal State University, Manish Mohta, Managing Director of Learning Spiral. 200+ audiences joined the event through online registration from the official website of the Learning Spiral. The event was attended by industry experts including Registrars, Directors, and Deans etc.

Over the past decade, Learning Spiral has managed to routinely deliver more than a million assessments through different modes in a demanding and high stake environment. The custom products and platforms of the company cater to the needs of recruitment bodies, universities, and other assessment bodies. Their online examination solution powers online assessments, and examinations for 40+ universities & 1000+ institutes. Thus, with 20+ years of experience, they know what it takes to convert manual processes into digital ones.

Commenting on the digitalization in the assessment, Mr. Manish Mohta, Managing Director, Learning Spiral, said, “Technology is helping us to define the objectives that are the key things we need because when we talk about data and analytics, then the most important thing is that what is the question that we want to be answered because if the question is not clear then definitely the data and analytics is not going to be of much use. On the other hand, when we talk about large-scale education delivery, the question could be across geography and organizational units. When we talk about big data in education, the adoption of digital in the last two years has been phenomenal but still, I would say that the fraction of a percentage is all about the challenge as always been how you do generate big data in the physical.

He further added that we all understand that there are digital learning platforms now where you will get a lot of data from it and a lot of things that are written about it that seem quite easy. Over the last 5 to 6 years assessments have become very digitized even if they are conducted in a physical world the assessments, their marks, their scores are very digitized, but if we take a couple of steps and also digitize the questions then you come very close to a lot of big data because you then have assessments force at the topic level and difficulty level, which could be dissected to make analytic come true for a lot of physical education based university or higher education institutes. Big data in education is very much a reality as it is a practical concentration. We just need to provide the last enable which can make it a reality for institutes.”