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Leveraging Digital Capital Market to boost market valuations and trading volumes

With digital being the spotlight across industries during COVID-19, the push for digitization of the capital market ecosystem is no surprise. A lot of fintech firms are geared up to disrupt the space offering a win-win solution for all the stakeholders, providing tools to enhance business activities, going digital helps in ensuring seamless connectivity within the capital market ecosystem.

By creating a virtual meeting place, digitization helps in getting together all the constituents of the capital market ecosystem to foster seamless communication. These platforms assist the buy-side, sell-side, and investors in digitizing their workflow of the capital market outside of exchanges.

Apart from helping the companies implement data-enabled programs, the new-age platforms are helping the buy-side price discovery, liquidity management, and trade cost analysis. It assists companies looking for a boost in creating greater value by meeting the dynamic demands of market companies. Using AI/ML the applications also reduce risks and detection of fraud.

The intelligent unified platforms of today offer the entire spectrum of solutions covering equity and debt. With data-driven insights, digitization provides solutions for strategic equity-raising activities and debt syndication.

Addressing the pain points of companies within the capital markets ecosystem, digitizations create opportunities for better investor engagement. By walking this path companies get a platform to effectively control information flow within the ecosystem. Through the intelligent and data-led platform, an environment is created for smooth communication and collaboration.

The digital environment is open and accessible which helps companies expand their reach and have deeper engagements with the stakeholders. It simplifies the discovery process and removes the scope of any redundancy to create a seamless process. It helps companies go beyond their traditional boundaries and take a leap to higher trading volumes and market valuation.

Creating a balance between the buy-side and sell-side, ExchangeConnect is one such digital platform that extends services to the buy-side while offering a strong platform for the sell-side. Using the latest technologies, it offers data and analytics to draw insights for informed decision-making. The platform aims to make companies more visible and appreciated in the market.

With ExchangeConnect, it becomes easier to connect with stakeholders, while making full use of its tools for better outreach. It helps companies find the right investors while suggesting the best possible ways to approach them. The platform also enhances the disclosures of the listed companies by benchmarking reporting standards against best global practices. The interactive interface and dependability of its data are what set the platform apart. Eventually, the time, cost, and effort required for generating documents like Investor decks, Annual Reports, and Press Releases are reduced significantly.