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“Life isn’t perfect, but with us, your sneakers can be”

How Sneakare is complementing the lifestyle of Indian Sneakerheads?

August 27: Founded by Krishnavin in April 2021, Sneakare has reported record sales within a short period. Sneakare deals with a wide range of products that protect sneakers and enrich the experience of sneakerheads. In the early days, Sneakare had only sneaker crates in its product line, but now it has expanded its product line to many products, each having a different application and utility which complements the lifestyle of sneaker lovers.

There are many factors that catapulted Sneakare to such growth within a short period; utilization of the latest technology while building user-friendly products and management of services are two of them. Product validation before launching is yet another factor. Sneakare tests its products on its closest customers before the final launch to ensure that the new product they are taking out in the market is satisfactory and valuable to the general public. Although testing the product costs higher, Sneakare obtains the preferred outcome because they eventually have only those products in the product line that their testing customers approve.

The company aims to reshape sneakerheads in India who collect many sneakers but hardly wear them. Sneakare urges them to wear sneakers and promises to take care of all the requirements related to sneaker protection. Customers who buy the product from Sneakare come back repeatedly, which is precisely why the company has a remarkable retention rate. The company’s primary aim is to offer satisfactory services to its customers and enhance their shoe-wearing experience. Thus, Sneakare does not charge much for its products.

The unique selling proposition (USP) that Sneakare has is the unflinching support its customers receive as after-sale services. This has strengthened the connection between Sneakare and its customer base. When Sneakare launched ‘Stack’em Sneakare Crates,’ a multitude of sneaker lovers visited the website and bought it inflow. As a result, the website was sold out with 50 minutes of the launch. Despite not having spent a single rupee on sponsorship, paid ads, or any other kind of paid promotion, Sneakare has raised its sales volume 14 times since the first day.

Such monumental support from customers galvanizes Sneakare to come up with even more of such products. Sneakare continually tests new products to enhance the experience of its customers even further. Moreover, Sneakare is helping Sneakerheads in India to start wearing the sneakers they are fond of but are only collecting. Sneakerheads now have multiple products that help in protecting sneakers. The company’s employee base comprises trained and specialised workers who maintain proper packaging and delivery. With the motto, “You wear, we’ care,” Sneakare moves forward to make its customers lifestyle way better.

Bollywood actor Vijay Varma bought Sneakare crates and left these words for Sneakare, “I am happy with these crates. I finally received them after a long wait. Thanks, Sneakare India, for giving my Air Jordan 1 a new home.”