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Lost diamond parcel worth Rs 13 lakh returned to its rightful owner at Surat

Surat : What if you lose your wallet or mobile phone on the road? There are bleak chances of recovering your lost stuff. But, if you are in the crammed lanes in the diamond hub of Varachha, you don’t have to worry. It is here that even the valuable diamonds, if lost by any chance, are returned to its rightful owner.

In one such incident reported on Thursday, a diamond trader accidently left behind a small packet containing 3,000 carats of diamonds worth Rs 13 lakh at the Safe Deposit Vault in Katargam. The employees of the vault found the diamond packet kept above one of the lockers and deposited it with their manager, so that it could be returned to the rightful owner.

Sources said one Rahul Moradiya, a diamond trader had gone to deposit diamond parcels in the vault on Wednesday morning. Moradiya, however, kept one of the parcel on the safe-vault locker and forgot to keep it inside and left. On the next day, he again visited the vault for depositing other diamond parcels when he noticed that one of the parcel was missing.

Moradiya enquired with the staff about his lost parcel. After checking the CCTV footages, the employees were satisfied that the diamond parcel belonged to Moradiya. Without wasting time, the employees of Safe deposit vault returned the parcel to Moradiya.

Talking with HE, Rahul Moradiya, diamond trader said, “I accidentally forgot to put the diamond parcel inside the vault. The parcel contains 3,000 carats diamonds valued at Rs 13 lakh. I thank the staff of the safe vault for returning my parcel”

The Surat Diamond Association (SDA) office-bearers will be felicitating the staff members of the safe deposit vault for returning the diamond parcel to its rightful owner on Friday.