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Magic Clickz partners with MP Basketball Association to drive awareness of Sports among Youngsters via Digital Marketing Platforms

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], January 10: The Madhya Pradesh Basketball Association (MPBA) has partnered with the leading digital marketing company, Magic Clickz, by granting them with the exclusive rights to promote the 71st Junior National Basketball Championship, being held at the Stadium Complex at Indore’s Race Course Road from January 4, on the digital marketing platforms.

The Championship, hosted by MPBA under the aegis of Basketball Federation of India (BFI), is played on the league-cum-knock-out format having the defending champions Punjab (Jr men) and Kerela (Jr women) heading the field.

The championship helps in identifying potential basketball stars and providing them with the platform and opportunity to turn their inherent talent into a real-life profession.

MBPA trains the kids to learn to be great basketball players with 360-degree development. It also trains the underprivileged children to give them equal chances as well.

“The partnership will amplify MPBA’s digital marketing campaigns, which calls for commitment, communication, and action that promotes sports-inspired lifestyles through various social media posts, blogs, articles, and interactive multimedia content,” said Mr. Neeraj Dudani, chairman, Magic Clickz.

Magic Clickz is using digital marketing platforms to make sports an integral part of their daily lives. The mission of the movement is to bring about behavioral changes and move towards a more physically active and healthy lifestyle.

“We have designed and launched many digital marketing-focused campaigns to promote and spread awareness on sporting culture in the country, fitness, and activities that can be undertaken to ensure that it reaches every school, college & university,” said Mr. Neeraj Dudani.