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Making the Dreams of Artists Come true

Meeta Nagpal, the founder of Musical Dreams, is a mentor to many young artists. Since Musical Dreams was founded in 2005, Meeta has groomed and mentored hundreds of artists globally. Many artists have performed on prestigious platforms globally and have also won national and international recognition.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, she is also a trained Kathak dancer (learning under Guru Prerana Shrimali), Author of the book ‘The Magic Man”. She is the President of The Artist Foundation (TAF) and Secretary of Snehi, an organization for psychological support and mental Healthcare. Meeta shares her views about Musical Dreams and her journey thus far in a one-to-one chat.

Q. What is the idea behind the initiation of Musical Dreams?

Meeta Nagpal – Musical Dreams came into existence as a bridge between upcoming performing artists and the entertainment industry. The primary purpose is to look for talent, assist them with technical know-how, grooming, and profiling, and present them to the entertainment industry. Many young artists are exploited physically, financially, and emotionally. We act as a filter and handhold the artist to success. We ensure good entertainment, value for money and professional management for the client, making the event smooth. Thus, I don two hats of being an art consultant and an entertainment consultant.

Q. Describe your experience of 17 years in this field.

MN – I’ve had an amazing journey as an entrepreneur. Working with young and creative people gives me immense personal satisfaction. It opens my horizons and perspective to the new generation and ever-changing society. I FEEL EQUALLY PROUD AND HAPPY when I see my young talent grow and make a name for themselves. Alongside, being a part of people’s celebrations is the icing on the cake. My journey has been beautiful and enriching. I have received a lot of unconditional love and respect, for which I am truly grateful.

Q. Tell us about your recent and successful event.

MN – A recent successful event was our monthly Friday Funkaar, an event for artists to network, collaborate and learn. It is a non-judgmental platform where we guide aspiring singers and musicians towards their career and personal growth. It is a pleasure to see that we have artists from pan India for this in-house event.

A special event as an entertainment consultant was recently held at the top hotel in South Delhi, where we had created a unique concept for the Jaimala. Here our Musical Band Roohani created a mesmerizing moment by singing the favourite and romantic songs of the couple as they exchanged garlands amongst cheer and happiness.

Q. What do clients have to say about Musical Dreams?

MN – We receive many personalized testimonials from clients because we are part of their special moments and create memories for a lifetime. We constantly endeavour to create something unique and different for the client, like costumes according to the theme. We sing the favourite songs of our clients and give complete comfort so that the client is not disturbed during their celebration. The clients always appreciate our professionalism, punctuality, and proactive attitude.

Q. Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?

MN – 10 years down the line, I see myself accompanying and applauding many of my singers and bands when they receive national and international awards.