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Manjeera Purple Town Villa’s Step Towards Renewable Energy For Brighter Tomorrow

November 26: Nowadays, we often talk about going eco-friendly or using non-polluting products, but how many times we do the correct implementation that’s a million-dollar question. But here, Manjeera Purple town villas, located at Lingampally, Hyderabadhas made it possible by using solar power installation on the rooftop of the clubhouse to reduce the cost of their power bills. It is a significant step to promote an eco-friendly environment, protect the environment and their children’s future, and lower electricity bills. After installation, they are now proudly saying, “Yes, we are doing something good for our mother earth through our strong initiative towards a sustainable future and they congratulatedS.S. Power Solutions for making it into reality.”

Now here comes S.S Power Solutions- who and what are they, what their mission and vision. S.S power solutions considers promoting alternative source of energy via solar solutions as its bounded duty, intending to encourage citizens in our country to “GO GREEN”. Therefore, all possible ways and means are followed to establish alternative energy sources to reduce carbon footprint value. For the Manjeera Purple Tower, S.S. Power Solutions have installed 35 K.W. solar power panels, to reduce the power bill of club house as , it’s a one-time setup for great ROI (Return on Investment) . Clients like Manjeera purple town villas are laying the foundation for how solar energy will be used in future as we can see that our natural resources are depleting day by day and the power charges are drastically raised in the city has made them,to take this  wise financial choice. And now, their operation is powered by renewable energy. Improving the efficiency of such services is crucial for advancing and achieving the goals of India’s push for renewable energy. Our client knew solar energy is a one-time investment that ends with installation and took a step forward to reduce carbon emissions and their reliance on non-renewable energy.S.S Power Solutions celebrated its 10-year experience in the solar energy sector through its food donation campaign. Where they have offered Food to SANNIHITA Girls Home VidyaNivas in Secunderabad with the Help of Friend For You Foundation where as a Part of there social welfare activities ss power solutions made the event in the name of manjeera purple Town Villas Association Members and dedicated the event to them. Kids were very happy after they received a very Delicious Food From the Company and they enjoyed the Night with High Nutrition Food, Singing, Dancing and through motivational speech . As ss power solutions has an ethical and moral business value , which made them to come with such kind of initiatives which makes them close to customer Hearts. Where they not only Think about the business but also being  clientwell-wisher makes them to be the Real Business Leaders.