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Manoj Patil – Mr. India, IFBB PRO Card winner and Celebrity Fitness Trainer says, “always be honest with your clients and sincerely motivate them”

Mumbai: Manoj Patil,winner of Mr. India – Men’s Physique, IFBB PRO card winner, is a well-known model as well as a celebrity Fitness Trainer. He has trained Bollywood celebrities like, Neha Kakkar, Bhushan Kumar, Himansh Kohli, Ajay Kapoor, Pooja Chopra.

Manoj started his journey in the gym as a floor trainer, when he was 19. Owing to his good performance he started getting clients for personal training there. He achieved good progress and soon Patil thought, to achieve success, he will have to take some risk. So,after working for 3 years in the gym, he resigned from the job and decided to give freelance personal training. Soon, he started getting clients for personal training and got in touch withYaariyaan movie Actor Himansh Kohli, who started taking fitness training from Patil.Kohli liked his style of training and soon Manoj got a more celebrity clients. Commando movie actress Pooja Chopra also started taking fitness training from Manoj, Singer Neha Kakkar, too has been Manoj’s client along with Bhushan Kumar of T series. All these celebrities appreciated Patil’s work and also got him other clients.Along with Celebrities, Manoj has also trained many Big Businessman of the country.During this time, Manoj kept participating in various competitions as well.

Manoj’s message for all the aspiring Fitness trainers is that, “It is really important to be true your clients and sincerely motivate them. This will help them to trust you, which will help you to retain your clients. May it be any profession, it is really necessary to be 100% true with the Profession, only this will help you grow.”

Manoj Patil was born in a middle-class family and started earning for his family at an early age of 13. Back then, he used to distribute newspapers, sell milk and wash cars and used to earn about 400-500 Rs a month. From that, to being a Celebrity Fitness Trainer is a journey worth inspiration.

He added for the aspiring Trainers, “Once you identify your passion, start working on that. I started working in the gym and have done housekeeping work as well. Gym was my passion and so I wanted to be there and nowhere else. I have always enjoyed my work in the gym, this made me reach where I am today. So, my message is, do what you enjoy, only then you will be able to succeed. If I can so it, so can you”