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MatchAble – an app that helps the specially-abled to make meaningful connections – launched in India

New Delhi: Delhi-based Periwinkle Peafowl Pvt. Ltd. has announced the India launch of its flagship mobile app – MatchAble – a dating, matchmaking and networking platform that enables people with special needs to make meaningful connections both online (virtually) and offline (in the real world). Powered by its proprietary tech and algorithms, the MatchAble app effectively helps specially-abled people – including men, women, and those from the LGBTQIA+ community, to break free from a multitude of societal taboos that usually limit their chances and likelihood of bonding with like-minded people in the name of disabilities.

A report by the National Statistical Office reveals that more than 2 per cent of India’s population is currently living with disabilities. Due to the existing societal standards’-based metal image or misperceptions associated with people having disabilities, they often feel extremely hesitant and skeptical about coming out and exploring, especially towards seeking love, relationships, or meaningful social connections!MatchAble, Founded by Ms Minal Sethi, is here with the sole intent to solve this problem and change the scenario for the better by allowing the propagation of “boundless love” amongst the specially-abled. To this end, it has brought forward a platform that normalizes dating and socializing culture exclusively for people with disabilities, thus bridging the current existing gaps for this audience in our country. MatchAble’sunique tech-enabled platform (app) that is tailor-made for specially-abled people strives to facilitate truly ‘special’ connections minus any societal stigma while also, at the same time, promoting inclusivity and creating a safe space for their users.

Speaking on the launch, Ms Minal Sethi, Co-Founder, MatchAblesaid, “During the Covid-19 lockdown isolation period, we got the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and the society at large, and thus came to witness that an unfortunate compassion gap exists for people with special needs. While people in India are warming up to the online dating and networking concept, so has not been the case for the specially-abled, as a plethora of taboos still exists in our country surrounding disability. With the aim to break these taboos and bring a positive experience to the specially-abled community, MatchAble was conceived. After months of hard work, we are now delighted to roll out the MatchAbleapp for our users in India.”“With the MatchAble app and community, we are essentially aiming to normalize dating culture for specially-abled people from all walks of life and provide them with a safe and enabling space where they can engage, thrive and make meaningful connections with each other. After all, love just needs the ability to commit and express one’s feelings, and so we are facilitating the same through our tech. Over the long term, we aspire to nurture a credible and superlative platform wherein we (hope to) celebrate connections and boundless love, free from societal standards,” adds Minal Sethi. 

Unlike many other popular dating apps out there today, MatchAble’s algorithm strives to connect two specially-abled persons’ verified profiles with each other on the basis of their preferences, age, gender, and interests, among other factors. But then, the app does much more, going beyond the regular pattern of a ‘dating app’. To begin with, for instance, MatchAble has introduced a unique feature to adjust the font size of people with retinal (eye) disorder. In the near future, the app plans to introduce an array of interactive and specially-abled-friendly features such as voice note integration (for people who find it difficult to type), a screen reader, screen speaker and video calling, among others. And all of these features will allow people with different kinds of disabilities/impairments to use and take advantage of the app optimally. Furthermore, MatchAble shall also be soon hosting offline meet-ups to enable their users to meet and network, as well as bring on board therapists, mental health experts and relationship advisors to benefit their users. 

The MatchAble app is now available free of cost to Android users!