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Matthew Melamed Opens Up About His Youth, The Making of New Album, and His Latest Release 

New Delhi: Matthew Melamed sat at his piano, the keys gleaming in the dim light of his studio. He had just come out of a difficult relationship, and he channeled all of his emotions into his music.

As he began to play, the notes of a heartbreaking melody filled the room.

The raw, emotive sound of his voice accompanied the piano, creating a powerful and moving composition.

This song, “And I” is Matthew’s first pure piano and vocals piece, and with it, he wanted to take his audience on a journey through the ups and downs of love and heartbreak.

The result is a powerful and moving piece of music that burns right through the heart.

Can you share with us how your childhood experience has influenced your current identity?

I was raised in a quiet, suburban city called Ramat-Hasharon on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

As the middle child of my family, I was surrounded by a diverse mix of cultures, as my parents were second-generation immigrants and I have Hungarian and Bulgarian roots. Music was always a passion of mine, but it seemed to be a rare interest in my family, aside from my cousin.

Growing up in a small city could be quite dull at times, but my friends and I always found ways to entertain ourselves. We would often play music together on the streets, forming bands, and performing live shows.

It was through these early experiences that I discovered my love for music, and it has greatly influenced the sound of my music today. I learned so much about music production, teaching myself as I went along. Eventually, I decided to pursue my solo career and began recording my own music.

You’ve mentioned that you’re currently working on your debut album and that it’s different from your previous work. Can you elaborate on what you mean by that?

Sure. This upcoming album will be a first for me in many ways, as it will be the first time I release songs in Hebrew, as opposed to only writing in English. I am also looking forward to collaborating with some well-known Israeli musicians, which is something new and exciting for me. All in all, I am really excited about this project and can’t wait for people to hear it.

I really enjoyed your latest single. Can you tell me more about the songwriting process behind it?

Thank you! The writing process for this song was quite challenging for me as it dealt with the end of a long-term relationship. I found comfort in playing the piano and that’s where the melody of the song originated from. This was my first piano-based single and also my first time having someone else sing my song. All in all, I am quite pleased with the final outcome.