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Meet Dipti Joshi Sampat- who has carved a niche in the styling world with her personal brand style goals

“’Beauty is transient; Elegance is eternal,’ they say. Fashion is an art form that involves the application of design and aesthetics to improve one’s personality. And the proper Image Consultant assists you in expressing your uniqueness in a stylish manner, bringing out the best in you” says  Dipti Joshi Sampat, a renowned wardrobe stylist, image consultant, and personality trainer.

Dipti has an eye for fashion and, as a former model, she assists aspiring models with grooming, styling, and personality development. With her unconventional ideas and endearing nature, she has been defining trends in the fashion and styling world. From her early years in the corporate world to her current position as a Grooming specialist, Asra’s incredible work has been lauded by a large number of fashion fans and models. Self-motivated and passionate, she earned a reputation for assisting ambitious professionals in developing a real and distinctive personal style and wardrobe. Her primary strength is in comprehending the client, the intricate layers of their lifestyle, and translating that understanding into a true sense of style with a professional polish.

Her journey dates back 15 years, when as a fresh graduate out of Mumbai university, she was being groomed for Customer relationship management at Vodafone, then known as ‘Orange’. That was her first exposure and she was amazed by the concept of grooming, knowing little that later she would get trained in the realm of grooming and styling at the renowned ICBI institute. The entrepreneurship spirit was kindled and she moved from her comfortable corporate job and started designing spaces. As a freelancer Interior designer, she took up projects designing spas, residences, and commercial spaces, developing a strong word-of-mouth recommendation. A few of her projects were carried out by leading interior magazines too. Eventually, with the help of the ICBI institute, she changed gears to continue my passion as a grooming and styling expert. From designing spaces to designing images, she has had an incredible journey.

Sharing her success formula with us, Dipti shares, ‘Like every other creative field, fashion too is ever-evolving. In today’s time, the world has turned flat and has no boundaries or limits. You can see men in skirt-style bottom wear and women in an oversized masculine shirt teamed up with stylish accessories and footwear or even in the dhoti-styled pants. Nothing falls under the right or wrong category, and fashion is evolving in the true sense. Showcasing different styles of outfits to cater to the vast audience is the influencers’ job, however, carrying them in a particular manner with the right confidence & poise comes in with the expertise of a grooming expert. I too am learning constantly to evolve with these emerging trends in my field every passing day. I would advise emerging fashion influencers to be mindful of this fact, experiment and fail, learn from it and improvise.’

Envisioning the future, Dipti wishes to explore this field in its depth and reach the pinnacle of success by helping people and having a mutually successful relationship with her esteemed clientele. Being an entrepreneur for a woman isn’t easy, but you have to believe in your passion and keep faith in your journey. Dipti has been supporting professionals as well as upcoming models who want to make a mark in the industry. So, in the next 5 years, she will have groomed and trained many to help them build an image, which is not only positive but also unbreakable. She desires to support and ride this ‘consumerisation of fashion’ trend in the coming years.

In any industry, there are both good and not so pleasant experiences. Dipti has received ample appreciation for her work and my dressing style. Consumers have become more demanding and are open to breaking out of the traditional mindset. This experimental attitude is boosting and causing newer trends within the industry and social media is fuelling these trends. She considers it as a compliment when people share and save her grooming and styling clips on social media which endorses your belief in newer trends. It also reflects that people are seeking more outfit options and want to, if not stand out, at least look different and contextual with changing times.