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Meet the Pillars of Sanbun Investments

August 26: Sanbun Investments is an Investment Advisory Firm specialising in consulting, training, mentoring and portfolio management. The firm has been delivering consistent returns over the years and helped thousands of students achieve their aspiration to become full-time traders. They offer their services through online sessions and also provide personal assistance. The training is reliable, effective, and helpful for those who see Stock Market as a career option.

Nishaan Singh | Founder & CEO

His journey as a stock market trader began at a young age, 15. Sustaining losses and facing rejections, he kept ongoing. The following years brought him knowledge, experience, and expertise. Now, he is a seasoned trader, investor, and trainer. It is evident that he had to suffer a lot before finally making consistent profits in the stock market. His vision is to help budding traders save their time and money, lead them to the right path, and, most importantly, make them believe that they can achieve all they aspire to.

Aman Arora | CFO

Aman Arora is the Chief Financial Officer at Sanbun Investments. After a series of mistakes and trials, he eventually made his way into the market and accomplished milestones within a short space of time. Aman inspires young people like him to consider the stock market as a career option. He believes, starting stock market trading is the biggest risk. Then it depends entirely upon how you’re willing to manage your money.

Yash Chaudhary | Creative & Content Head

He works resolutely, enthusiastically, and joyously. He has accomplished many of his goals at a very young age. Incorporated with Sanbun Investments for a long time, Yash believes in producing quality content that engages the audience and intrigues them to know more about the firm. Many Students appreciate his eagerness to help and his positive attitude toward work. He Shows a strong work ethic by consistently staying until all daily tasks are completed.

Yash consistently goes above and beyond by exceeding his quarterly goals.

Jaspreet Singh | Sales President

Jaspreet Singh has given remarkable and laudable performance in the sphere of selling over the years. He has significantly contributed to the success of Sanbun Investments. He regularly follows up with students to ensure they have a great experience with us, and as a result, he brought in many new students in this field of the stock market.

Being proficient at selling, he aims to achieve more and more in the near future.

Ayush Jain | Sales Head North Region

Sales are the lifeblood of a company. Ayush Jain from Jabalpur has been working as a sales associate at Sanbun Investments and making a valuable contribution to the company’s growth. He’s hardworking, talented and dedicated, and plans to achieve more as early as he can.

Sudhanshu Maurya | Support Lead

Sudhanshu is the youngest of all team members. Having dreamt of achieving enormous success, he embarked on the stock market. In the early days, he was guided and trained by Nishaan Singh.

Now, he is a full-time trader, senior financial trainer, and support lead at Sanbun Investments. Sudhanshu encourages fledgling traders to enter fearlessly in the market.

Shaik Mohammed Javeed | Certified Financial Trainer

Starting his career with the guidance and assistance of Nishaan Singh, Javeed is presently a Certified Financial Trainer. He aspired to become a successful investor. Those whom he aspires characterise him as genuine, professional, and hardworking.

He believes, “You have to survive in the market for a long run to get your dreams come true, so Patience and Consistency are key factors.”

Muhammad Hasieb | Certificate Financial Trainer

Hasieb saw horrific situations when he was starting. He did not have any concrete path which he could walk along to get financial success. He soon came to know about Sanbun Investments, which was his last career prospect. He worked hard and devoted untiring efforts to Stock Market. Results manifested shortly afterwards, and Hasieb is now a seasoned financial trainer at Sanbun Investments.

Prateek Goel | Certified Financial Trainer

Being so enthusiastic and passionate towards his work, Prateek Goel has been serving many people by his own experiences and skills by being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL TRAINER at Sanbun Investments. For him, Trading & Training follows a systematic and organised procedure that allows a person to learn a particular skill for a definite purpose. So, by putting in consistent efforts and learning, he made his way after many ups and downs and is determined to achieve his goals by hook or crook. At a very young age of 17, he started his stock market journey and now wants to pursue this as his career option and keep inspiring the young minds by motivating them to brighten their future.

He believes that ‘Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.’

Om Kadam | Certified Financial Trainer.

Om Kadam is Certified Financial Trainer at Sanbun Investments. He started his journey in the stock market at a very young age. After making a lot of mistakes and facing losses, he came across the SANBUN INVESTMENTS FTTP program.

After getting a systematic path towards trading, he made his way through and achieved skills and an edge in trading. Now he guides youngsters and motivates them to become full time and independent traders.

Ankita Pandey | Sales Associate

Ankita started her journey with Sanbun Investments during lockdown 2020 as an FTTP student. After following Nishaan Singh and the team for three months, she polished her trading skills and started booking consistent profits.

She is hardworking, creative, talented and her excellent communication skills established her as a sales associate at Sanbun. As a sales associate, she makes sure that each and every client who joins the Course or calls get full support from Nishaan Singh and senior financial Mentors. She always focuses on knowledge and learning new skills. According to her experience, you can make a successful trading career only when you have the right expertise and mentorship; otherwise, you will bear huge losses.

Rimsha Anwar | Sales Executive

Rimsha Anwar is an up and coming sales executive who is making huge strides in the investment sphere. She has keen business insights and a knack for recognising emerging industry patterns. Being the first person in her family to pursue this stream, she is a trailblazer who inspires the next generation of women to achieve financial independence.