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MentorKart®launched Industry Mentorship Model Campus

New Delhi, June 2: MentorKart, a technology-based mentoring platform, recently announced the launch of its Industry Mentorship Model Campus. With this program, students will get an opportunity to seek clarity for their career pathway. Furthermore, they will also get a chance to learn additional skills in Tech, Non-Tech & Management domains required for enhancing their employability.


This Industry Mentorship Model Campus was created with the goal of training university/college students for the myriad of job roles available in the industry based on their qualifications. . It has been designed to help students across the country fulfil their career goals. Programmes for more than 15 various job roles in the tech, non-tech, and management domains and various soft skills, including the ones recommended by the World Economic Forum, are included in this initiative. 


MentorKart has already partnered with more than 50 universities to participate in Mentorship Model Campus Institutes. It intends to achieve the goal of reaching 200+ campuses in the next few quarters.


MentorKart, with more than 1000 highly experienced Mentors, Coaches, and Content Creators, is on the path to creating an e-learning and career acceleration ecosystem. Launching this initiative is a step in this very direction. The brand has a student base of over 75,000 pupils. It offers this unique programme to develop a trained workforce for both the domestic and global markets. The sole aim is to help the youth shape holistically and transform them into a future-ready workforce. 


MentorKart has also tied up with various companies for its Train & Hire and Hire & Train model to provide organizations with talent that gets Productive from Day 1 of hiring. The brand is planning to add more such partnerships every day in the times to come. 


Mr Vijay Sethi, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Chief Mentor, MentorKart, stated, “Our industry Mentorship Model Campus aims to bridge the talent-skill gaps. It comes with a promise that students become productive from day one at their job. This initiative is not just only providing or enhancing their technical and soft skills but is also about providing them guidance from our highly experienced mentors so that they secure promising career opportunities. It is a win-win program for institutes, students, as well as the industry.”


Mr. Ashish Khare, Founder of MentorKart, stated, “To unlock the potential of the youth of India, with Industry Mentorship Model Campuses, we aim to fulfil career objectives of students. Our programmes have been curated by our experienced mentors and advisors to help students across the country in fulfilling their career goals. We are hoping for the initiative to be well received and eventually be a success.”


About MentorKart: Launched in 2020, MentorKart is a 360-degree Skill development and Mentorship platform to help youth achieve their Professional/Career goals. The company is on the mission to make the youth of India’s Industry & Future Ready. To date, the startup has already received funding of $360,000 and is backed by well-known angel investors such as Startup Buddy, Lets Venture and several other HNIs.  

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