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Metaverse- Bringing significant change in Game-based learning platforms

September 8: With the upcoming technologies and the faster rate of development, the world is undoubtedly evolving. Nowadays, whether a child of 5 years old or an adult, everyone is familiar with technology and the internet. Some people are being sidetracked by all the digitalization, but others are using it to advance various industries. Organizations from every sector are now moving to an online platform, whether it is for the transaction of money or learning any subject, as a result of the pandemic and social distancing.

Traditional ways of learning went through a makeover after the entry of Online educational gaming platforms. The whole concept of learning changed and became more fun when the small gaming activities including quizzes and puzzles, that we did in schools were available on our mobiles, tabs, and computers. Quizzes and riddles are the traditional way of making studies more interactive and interesting.

But Game-Based Learning not only makes learning fun but it has several other benefits which are as follows-

Enhances the Problem Solving ability- Game-based learning assists learners in problem-solving by building abilities such as comprehending causation, logic, and decision making that they can apply outside of school.

Make learners motivated and engaged- Students become more motivated and interested to learn when schools add game-based learning components such as feedback, choices, and teamwork into their lesson planning.

Encourages critical thinking- Game-Based Learning helps students enhance their critical thinking abilities, including the building of independent ideas prior to participating in collaborative dialogue and offering opportunities for guided reflection.

As the new concept of Metaverse has now started establishing itself in the education sector by emerging in both gaming and education. With small but strong significance, the Metaverse is now contributing to the education sector by making it more interesting and lively by conceptualizing game-based learning. Consider learning the fundamentals and even the advanced material on any subject appropriately just by sitting at home and with the help of your cell phone. Metaverse makes it more feasible and engaging for the students to interact and improvise communication as well as helps in developing the personality of the learner.

With the fusion of Metaverse and Game-Based Learning, the system of online education will change eventually for the betterment of technological advancement. With all the benefits, Metaverse also helps in improving communication even if you are staying at your home in isolation. By creating a virtual space, you can still continue your group study or the discussion which can be helpful for personality development.

As Metaverse bridges the gap between gaming and learning, it can be really beneficial for students, as it promotes an exciting way of gaining knowledge. The learner can get more involved as they will be inside the game and will experience each and everything with the AR or the VR equipment. The tutors can create their own specific game-based quizzes inside it for the interactive session with the learner.

Many people are still unsure about the concept of the Metaverse, but still, it is one of the next levels of development for the education sector as well as the gaming sector. The future upholds the advancement and the development of both sectors separately and even together.

Authored Article Written by Abhinav Anand. (Co-Founder and CTO of QuizBee)