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Miihier Singh, turns CEO of his newly established company, Belenched Supplements

The prominent Athlete and Entrepreneur Miihier Singh, is embarking on a new journey

October 14: Change for the better and increase your knowledge are always indicated. Through his passion for fitness, Miihier Singh has motivated others for years. If you don’t know about his strong persona, you must be living under a rock. He has undoubtedly accomplished a number of milestones in his career as a pioneering athlete.

Recently, the athlete launched a brand of his own called Belegend Supplements Private Limited. and is all set to test his skills as an entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of this authentic brand that aims to provide high-quality international supplements on the market that promise to be super beneficial for health, wellness, muscle building & performance. As the brand name says, the Be-Legend is founded by the legend himself.

Speaking of his new venture, Miihier Singh says, “Throughout my journey as an athlete, I have worked with various international brands of high standing. But there’s something different about working on your own projects. With my years of experience and hefty expertise, I decided to launch my own brand. And it has been blooming wonderfully since its inception.”

Miihier Singh’s Belegend has already created a huge buzz in the market for the authentic essential peanut butter that they produce. The athlete, along with Sergi Constance, has also launched the apparel collection of Belegend in India. If you haven’t snatched a glance at these brands yet, check out Miihier’s social media pages right now!!!

The athlete and bodybuilder have forged each day under fire to reach this phase of his life. Miihier has earned multiple titles and accolades, like winning Gold Medalist at Mr India Men’s Physique National Champion in 2014, Silver Medalist at the 5th World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championship, and many more. Moreover, Miihier Singh was honoured by The Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha, Ram Nivas Goel, for his outstanding contribution to the health and fitness industry in January 2021 at Vidhan Sabha Delhi. 

From starting a career in bodybuilding during his early twenties to now co-founding brands, Miihier Singh has come a long way. Besides Belegend Supplements, he is also going to launch another brand called Hemp King. We wish him luck in both of his ventures and hope he finds success in the near future.